Aaron Murdoch

Mercantile Systems: Mystery Shopping Jobs (Full Review)

Company Overview: Mercantile Systems, Inc. is a mystery shopping company located in Brentwood, CA and promises to “give business owners and management peace of mind by providing accurate, customized products that show you the truth about what is happening throughout your company.” This organization is proudly affiliated with the Mystery Shoppers Providers Association, (MSPA) California Licensed Investigators, (CLI) and the Restaurant Loss Prevention Security Association (RLPSA).


How to Sign Up and Get Assignments: If you would like to join this company, you may do so by clicking here. Just follow their simple four-step process and your off to the races. The website will prompt you to complete two training modules in order to make mystery shoppers more successful in completing their assignments. Mercantile Systems also provides a list of “Top 10 Reasons to Become a Mystery Shopper.”


What Others Have to Say: Mystery Shop Forum is a great place to get honest feedback about the various mystery shopping companies out there. One shopper stated, “Shout out to Kristen (Scheduler) for helping me resolve issues with my last bar audit. She is the best working towards a solution, nice, cheerful and positive….thx Kristen…”


Personal Experience: The Mercantile Systems website that is listed on the MSPA is different from the one that is needed to sign-up to be a mystery shopper. This makes it rather difficult for a potential new shopper joining the company to find the right area to sign-up in. I had to perform a Google search to find the sign-up page in order to provide it for this article.


Conclusion: Mercantile Systems, Inc. appears to be a quality mystery shopping company with the certifications to support it. Since they have memberships belonging to the MSPA, CLI, and the RPLSA, they are more than qualified as a legitimate organization. Also, the company has received good reviews online and works with many of the top brands in the world today. I would highly recommend joining this company today.



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