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My Husband Thinks I Work for Nothing

Written by RSGlenn

The other day, my husband told me that I am working for nothing. He complained about me being away from the house too much for very little pay. Well, in some cases, he is right. However, I do not hear him complaining when I get the oil changed in both cars, that the freezer is stocked with his favorite ice cream, and that we had a nice dinner Sunday night which was bonused and the reimbursed amount completely covered the cost of the meal. AND, the restaurant was five miles from the house. I also reminded him that that the gas station shops were a huge help in keeping me supplied with gas. Also, I reminded him that the fridge is stocked with is favorite soda pop (from gas station shops). I even bought a bag of dog food when I shopped a pet food store last week ($25 reimbursement). I also told him that I am expert when it comes to cell phones, so when it comes time for him to buy a new cell phone, he does not have to spend an hour talking to an associate. He despises having to hear about this or that cell phone. So now, all he has to do is ask me about which phone and which plan to buy and he does not even have to go to the store.

The other day, we went into Lowe’s to buy a new toilet. I took him directly to where the toilets located and found someone to help us right away by pushing the help button. He asked how I knew exactly where the toilets were, as well as plumbing supplies.   I told him that I shop Lowe’s and that I knew where everything was in the store. I also told him about the Lowe’s app! We were in and out within 20 minutes. If I had left it up to him, he would still be wondering around.

I told him that at least I have never come home with a new car or motorcycle! I also asked if he remembered the last time I asked him for money. He could not remember and that is because I have not done so in a long time. I do not like having to ask anyone for money. In addition, I reminded him that I can now go on business trips with him. Before I “retired” (I am not retirement age. I retired early so that I could spend time with him and our family, especially our granddaughter). Now, I can spend time with our granddaughter and soon to be new grand baby. The kids at our granddaughter’s preschool call me cupcake grandma because I deliver cupcakes every other Friday.

After I made my arguments, he decided that I contribute nicely from mystery shopping. I realize that I am not going to make what I did working as a paralegal full time, but I can now spend time with him, the kinds and grandchildren. I am not stressed to the max from having to sit through trials and long hours preparing for trials. Yes, my income was nice, but the stress was not worth it. I developed anxiety and I was depressed. I no longer take meds for these medical issues because I do not have them anymore.

My husband has always supported me in everything I set out to do. He was concerned that I was working for nothing, but after he realized how much I actually made, the goodies I bring home, and first and foremost, I am enjoying myself, he changed his mind. When I decided to retire, he supported my decision because he watched me deteriorate due to the stress, anxiety and depression. After working with attorneys for 30 years, 15 of those years was spent working with defense attorneys, who represented very bad people, it took me about six months to get healthy. My last trial involved a doctor who was charged with two first degree murders, his wife and his best friend. The jury found him not guilty on both counts. After the trial, as with most defense attorneys, the attorneys and the client celebrated their victory by throwing a big party. I could not bring myself to attend a party for someone that was guilty. Instead, I cleaned out my desk and walked out of the office and never looked back. That was the best decision I have ever made. I do not bring home the large paycheck, but I am healthier and happier and that is all that counts.

I started mystery shopping because I was curious, needed something to do and I wanted to earn some money to support my hobby which is showing my dogs. I did not feel that it was right for my husband to carry the burden of paying for my hobby. I earn enough to pay show entry fees, gas, food and hotel accommodations.

My husband was on a two-week long business trip when I discovered mystery shopping. I had even completed five shops while he was away. I actually waited another week to break the news to him. He was very skeptical and told me to be careful because he had heard that mystery shopping was a scam.
Since I quit working, I do not spend as much money buying clothes. Also, I am not out the money for eating out every day for lunch and parking at the tune of $240 a month in downtown Seattle. In addition, I do not need to pay for a housekeeper and gardener. So, as you can see, I am saving quite a bit of money for not working.

I am grateful for having a husband that supports me in this journey. I really enjoy mystery shopping and cannot ever see myself returning to a full time job working for attorneys. Sacrificing your health and sanity for a paycheck and bonus is not worth it. Happy shopping everyone and stay safe out there.

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