Mystery Shopper Vs. Meter Maid

I was doing a bank shop that’s right downtown in a nearby city. I kept my fingers crossed for a parking space and that’s when the proverbial eggs hit the fan. All parking spaces within a 2 block radius of this location have become a no-parking zone by police order due to a very big event taking place this coming weekend. Apparently this started last week sometime and Lord knows where parking IS permitted since the parking lots and ramps are all full. I was frustrated and finally found a spot 6 blocks from the bank branch, piled fistfuls of quarters into the parking meter and went on my way.

I entered the branch only to see that apparently every man, woman and child in the city was waiting in line, sitting in all available chairs and in general waiting to make a visit to one of the three tellers on duty. Meanwhile the clock is ticking.

After finally being called to the teller station I was then asked to have a seat and finally referred to the sacred realm of an office where I played out my scenario, despite numerous interruptions by banking staff. Glancing periodically at my watch I knew it would be a close call with how many minutes were left on the meter a little over a half mile away. Finally the end came and I graciously slipped out the door, then bolted like a mad fiend for my awaiting car.

Very few people expect to see someone in business casual attire running like a deranged hyena down a city street unless someone is chasing you. My jeep loomed into view but so did the tell-tale flashing light of the meter maid’s vehicle parked on the sidewalk—resembling a cross between golf cart and baby buggy. Wearily I thought to myself “feet don’t fail me now!” as I sprinted that last hundred yards to my awaiting vehicle.

Even more inspiring was the sight of the meter maid looking at my license plate and beginning to walk fast toward my car. I bounded madly to the driver’s side door and bounced in like Tarzan on steroids, starting it and shifting into drive in one fluid motion while the meter maid stared in astonishment. Being a friendly soul I waved goodbye and to my great surprise she waved back as I sped out of sight.

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