Posted By Jacob Jans, Editor

Mystery Shopping from a Wheelchair.

Written by Mr. C

First and foremost, I do not agree with the term, “Disabled”. There are simply some of us facing different challenges. I try my best to not only face mine but, overcome them too.

When I healed from my injuries, some time ago, I found myself housebound with limited mobility. Going from a very active life to one of limited mobility, was a hard thing to face. It took a total of one month to go stir crazy.

What can I do? Stay home or get back out in the world. The choice was mine and mine alone. I can still make observations. Why not get out and make a few? I had heard about Mystery Shopping. It was time to learn more.

I found out there was a pile of information online on this subject. I read a bunch and decided to take the plunge. I found there were companies that would pay for observations from those in a wheelchair.

That’s how I spent my first year of Mystery Shopping, from the perspective of a wheelchair customer. I made a bit of money and learned even more. Even more important, I was back out in the world, having fun!

When I was able to leave the wheelchair behind, I found myself able to do even more shops. I now get to take my wife out to dinner, movies, grocery/clothing shopping and more.

Here’s my advice – Do you have some limitations and would like to get back out and make a bit of money? Go For It!

Even those collecting money from Uncle Sam can do it. Check with the Social Security Administration. There are guidelines as to how much money you can make before it affects your benefits.

But Most Of All – Enjoy Life!!!

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