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Mystery Shopping with No Permanent Address

Written by GypsyMonkey

My life is about enjoying what is around me. Everywhere I go is a new experience. Stepping off the plane in Hawaii and smelling the fresh salt air is different than stepping off a train in NYC and feeling the sudden pace of the city. No one can really explain the difference of each experience the way you can experience it first-hand.

It’s difficult to explain but life is different when you step away from the TV and into a new situation. This is what I am seeking each time I drive to new location. My favorite location is a back country wooded area next to some water.

What I drive is an f350 truck where I built my own RV. I am seeking a new truck that is 4 wheel drive. Building my own RV cost me only $2500 and had a high insulation factor (r60). This meant that I am able to go to extreme temperatures and makes snow-birding easier. Also I am completely off the grid. I have solar power for my electricity. This allows me to have a stove, fridge and other kitchen things. When my new truck is built, I will go into more detail about it. Also mileage depends on the area I am at. I prefer to stay 50 – 55 mph so I can get the best mileage. Even with a heavy back I can get about 18 mpg hwy/ 14 city. When I get to a big city, I of course have to stay with traffic.

My routes are determined by temperature. I go north in the summer and south in the winter. October and April have me somewhere in the middle. My shop radius depends on the area I am at. For example, Atlanta itself has limited shops so I make my radius 100 miles and ensure that each shop I take is grouped together. For example Atlanta to Roswell to Alpharetta to Cumming to Dawsonville and camp in Dawsonville. I may car-camp (boondock) at a Home Depot, Lowes or Wal-Mart if there is no place to camp close by. Another example is NYC. Since the shops are so condensed, my radius is only 10 miles and I stay in a hostel while in the city.

I have a person that collects my mail and then sends it to me at a location that I know I will be at for 2 weeks. I tend to stay away from companies that pay by check since I cannot be guaranteed to get the check in a timely fashion. I also could not find a bank that was willing to have the checks mailed directly to them. I work with companies that do direct deposit and PayPal. I find the shops by scouring each MSC and

I have my own excel spreadsheet that I keep up with. I know who owes me what and who has paid me. I also keep the confirmation emails from each shop so that I can refer back to it if I need to. Keeping the emails has actually enabled me to find the location on my Android. Also I email my routes to myself. I use, Google Maps and While driving, I have my laptop on hibernate with the maps left open should I have a phone malfunction. At night when it comes to inputting my data, I stop at a Wi-Fi hotspot if my phone Wi-Fi isn’t working. Lastly my favorite websites are [] and []. Some products I have on the road with me is a Coleman one burner stove,,, and [].

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