National Shopping Service Network

Company Overview: Based in Denver, Colorado, National Shopping Service Network has been in business since 1986. A partial list of industries served [from their website] includes: Advertising agency, Apartments, Auto dealer, Auto maker, Auto parts, Car wash, Banking, Bar, Baseball club, Bookstore, Business forms, Coffee shop, Concessions, Convenience stores, Fast food, Football club, Gift shops, Grills, Grocery,

Hair care, Hotel, Pizza, Precious stones/metals, Quick Lube, Restaurant, Retail, Storage, Tire shop, Vitamin store, and Zoo.

Registration is on their website, http://www.mysteryshopper.net/. The company has an A+ rating with the Denver BBB. Also, do not confuse this MSC with National Shopping Service.

What Others Have to Say: Shoppers generally have a good opinion of this MSC. The company has about a 45-60 day payment schedule but they do pay as advertised. I have found no negative comments about this MSC.

Overall: If you’re lucky enough to be in an area where this MSC offers shops, I would suggest signing up and giving them a try.

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