News: Monterey Mystery Shopping Now Offers Video Assignments

Monterey Mystery Shopping recently sent an email to shoppers registered with them announcing that they are expanding their services to include video shopping. If you’re a video shopper and haven’t signed up with them, here’s the reason to do so.

Based in Pacific Grove, California, Monterey Mystery Shopping bills themselves as “The premier mystery shopping company for the motor vehicle industry. While some of their clients do require that the shopper be a male and have access to a car valued at or over $45,000, there are also opportunities for female shoppers and shoppers with cars of lesser value.

Shoppers overall have a positive feeling about this MSC. There have been no complaints about late payments or other problems. They also do motorcycle shops. (Test are rides prohibited, although female shoppers must have a motorcycle endorsement on their license.) They pay a $20 bonus for the first motorcycle shop you do with them. The schedulers are easy to work with and I find the shop fee acceptable, although some shoppers feel that, at $30, it is a bit low for the effort. Monterey also shops several “supercar” and “ultra-luxury” automobile brands, which pay substantially more than the base rate. It’s going to be interesting to see where video shopping falls into their organization.

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