Aaron Murdoch

Quality Assessments: Mystery Shopping Jobs (Full Review)

Company Overview: Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, (QAMS) are currently looking for newly qualified mystery shoppers to join their company. They are offering shopping assignments in every state within the United States, (except Nevada) and also provide shops in every province in Canada. Having been in operation for over 25 years, QAMS is a veteran company and an industry leader in mystery shopping.


How to Sign Up and Get Assignments: QAMS makes it very easy for new shoppers to join their team. Simply click here, and you will be prompted to fill out an online application. Registration is a quick, four-step process that can be completed in just a few minutes. Note that if you are using a MAC computer, you will need to use Mozilla Firefox and AOL users will need to use the Internet Explorer browser.


What Others Have to Say: A great place to find honest, true, and reliable reviews on mystery shopping companies is in the “Kudos” section of the Mystery Shop Forum. One member on the website stated, “With QAMS one could perform a shop on Monday, and the payment is on the way by Friday of the same week. Other MSCs should have QAMS as an accounting model.” It is valuable for shoppers to know which companies pay the fastest and stick to those that embrace this business characteristic.


Personal Experience: QAMS provides a user-friendly online platform that makes it simple for shoppers to navigate through their website quickly. For me, this is a huge plus because I don’t enjoy hunting for information that is buried beneath tons of irrelevant content. Signing up is easy and straightforward and QAMS offers multiple methods to contact them if needed.


Conclusion: QAMS looks like a solid company for any mystery shopper to add to their list favorites. Due to the positive reviews of “lightning fast payment,” in the compliment section, I feel very comfortable about recommending this company to fellow shoppers. Between the fast speed of payment and QAMS certification of being a member of the MSPA, I would urge any shopper looking to increase their portfolio to sign up with this company.

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