Aaron Murdoch

Reality Check: Mystery Shopping Jobs (Full Review)

Company Overview: Reality Check has been assisting companies by providing mystery shopping, satisfaction surveys, and audits for over 20 years. Based out of Seattle, WA, the industries of expertise range from retail, property management, casinos, restaurants, grocery as well as various specialty fields as well.


How to Sign Up and Get Assignments: Reality Check’s website is very user-friendly and it is straightforward to navigate through. Simply click here to access the sign-up form. At the top, right-hand side of the site, click on “Become a Mystery Shopper.” Next, scroll through and read what is expected and click on the “Sign Up” icon in yellow.


What Others Have to Say: In the Mystery Shop Forum, Reality Check has been receiving a lot of great feedback regarding their speedy payments to their shoppers. One mystery shopper stated, “I am completely amazed at how quickly Reality Check pays for their shops. I did two shops in a week with the fourth of July mixed in, and they had the payment out within a week of the first one. Awesome job!” Another member said, “Reality check pays two weeks after the shop is approved. They are great and accommodating.”


Personal Experience: Reality Check is looking for mystery shoppers who are observant, unbiased, accurate, responsible, and who are willing to remain anonyms when conducting an assignment. The pay ranges from $15 to $35 per shop which is in line with other mystery shopping companies, and may even be a little bit higher than average which is a good sign.


Conclusion: Overall, Reality Check looks to be an excellent mystery shopping company to work for. They seem to be very dedicated to the success of their mystery shoppers and there are many fellow shoppers who are impressed with their high levels of customer service. When looking at their payment rate and timely speed of compensation, Reality Check is a company shoppers are happy working for. I would recommend joining this company and give them a try.




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