The Longest and Shortest Paying Mystery Shopping Companies

One of the most important questions that any mystery shopper will ask is this: When do I get paid? Some mystery shopping companies take a lot of time to pay, while others pay very quickly. Some mystery shoppers need to get paid right away, while other shoppers don’t mind waiting a few months for their money.

For this article, I looked at my records from 2011-2015 and averaged the time it took to be paid by all of my Sassie-based Mystery Shopping Companies. This chart reflects those companies  but I decided to add a few companies that are not on Sassie, such as Trendsource.

I decided to go from the slowest to the quickest paying mystery shopping companies. I stress that this was my experience and your experience might be different. I carefully went through every assignment and wanted to be fair by giving accurate pay times. My chart is based on those times.

There were a few companies that paid very slow in the beginning but then they picked up, paying quicker, so I did not rate them as slow, if they improved their pay times. The report is based on the longest paying time to the shortest paying time to be paid. Some of these companies may have improved over the years and you may say you were paid you sooner.

This information reflects my experience. I highly recommend that you also read this discussion on Mystery Shop Forum. It has a lot of information about expected payment times, compiled by the community.

Freeman Group (closed) 150 Days
Secret Shopping Services 90 Days
Mystique Shoppers 90 Days
JM Ridgway 70 Days
Service Sleuth 70 Days
Technology Store Shopper 65 Days
Confero 60 Days
Service Check 60 Days
Mystery Shoppers Inc. 50 Days
Ath Power Consulting 50 Days
Goodwin & Assoc. 30-50 Days
Intellishop 25-50 Days
Sinclair Customer Metrics 40-50 Days
Shoppers View 40 Days
Pinnacle Financial 30-40 Days
Customer Impact 30 Days
Customer Service Experts 30 Days
Beyond Hello 30 Days
Service Performance Group 30 Days
Shoppers View 30 Days
Customer Service Experts 30 Days
Beyond Hello 30 Days
Service Performance Group 30 Days
Shoppers View 30 Days
North Fork (ICCDS) 30 Days
Reality Based Group 30 Days
White Clay 20 Days
Research Services Group 15 Days
Merchantile Systems 15 Days
Trendsource 2-15 Days

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