Aaron Murdoch

This is an Easy Mystery Shop for All

Today is a very important day in United States history – it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and it is a time to celebrate a great life who fought for the equality for all of mankind. Do you know what else I am thankful for? The opportunity to earn as much (or as little) money that I need to support myself and my family. All of us living in the United States have the chance to get ahead by taking on extra jobs and getting out of debt.


Mystery Shopping is a great way for earning extra money and I am grateful for this opportunity because it gives shoppers the ability to earn extra cash whenever and wherever they want to. Today on the Mystery Shop Forum lists a simple job located within a big box retail chain. The post states for the shopper to, “Evaluate the facility, salesperson, service, and cleanliness of the establishment in a report with Y/N and supporting narrative,” along with a few other easy requirements.


The geographical areas that this big box mystery shop is available is in Canada along with a host of many U.S. states such as Alaska, Alabama, California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington and Vermont, just to name a few.


If this big box retail assignment sounds like a mystery shopping opportunity that would consider, click here to learn more details about this shop.

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