Aaron Murdoch

This is the Easiest Mystery Shop Ever

If you are like me, I love discovering fast, easy, and high paying mystery shops to perform. Today’s mystery shopping opportunity may just be one of the easiest shops I’ve ever stumbled across and it was recently posted on the Mystery Shop Forum.


Today’s mystery shop involves shoppers to be paid $15 just to allow a company to credit your account anywhere from $1 to $25 dollars. Shoppers can potentially make up to a total of $40 without having to leave home. The post states that shoppers do not even have to complete an evaluation report. That’s what I’m talking about.


Mystery Shoppers can live anywhere in the United States but they must have an existing account with one or more of the following companies:


AAA Insurance, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Assurant, Dominion Power of NC and WV, Florida High-Speed Internet, Mississippi Power, Ohio Gas Company and Travelers Insurance. This is not a complete list, click here to view a comprehensive list of all the companies involved to learn more about this lucrative opportunity.


The organization being shopped is a start-up company and is currently building an advanced payment system and they need shoppers with certain accounts to test their technology, to ensure everything is working properly. According to the post, it states that shoppers, “Be willing to allow a series of small credits to your account over the course of approximately two months. Payments will range from $1 to $25.”


Sound good? Click here for more information about this mystery shopping opportunity.




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