Aaron Murdoch

This Mystery Shop Pays $18 per Hour Playing Video Games

Finding new ways to earn extra money is something that I am always consciously aware of and when I find a unique opportunity, I like to “spread the word” to as many people as possible.


Today, I have found a really cool way to make some extra cash and it’s not your typical mystery shop. Brace yourself. How would you like to make $18 an hour just to play video games as a game tester? Too good to be true? Keep reading.


Video game companies are constantly looking for people to play and let them know what they think of their games. This valuable feedback gives them to the information needed to make each game as great as possible.


This is what you will need: an active PayPal account, smartphone, tablet, Mac or personal computer, and a set of headphones. That’s it. Not a bad gig for something that we all do on a regular basis anyway. You may as well get paid for all of your efforts right?


Why should you become a video game tester? According to the company’s website, it states, “By testing games, you will directly influence their future development. The game developers watch every single video themselves. We will also pay you a reward for each game you test.”


What people are saying. “You guys made it so easy! Love that I only have to download and I am ready to go! Thank you so much for the opportunity to help, have fun, and make money!”


To sign up for this mystery shopping game tester opportunity, click here.

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