Verify International

Company Overview: This is a smaller mystery shopping company founded in 1986 that manages to fly largely under the radar. It focuses on mystery shopping, surveys, inspections, and compliance audits for hospitals, healthcare organizations, hotels, and restaurants in the United States. A list of clients and testimonials are located on their website.

The location of that web page is here, http://www.verifyinternational.com.

This MSPA member company was founded by current president, Monte Fulton and is based in the Lone Star State of Texas. Prophet is the platform of choice and shoppers may supply a PayPal address in the profile.

I was unable to find a payment schedule on the website. Limited comments on the forum suggest they pay by check at a similar of faster rate than the typical company that pays in the middle of the month following the shop. President Monte Fulton also tweets occasionally on topics of relevance to his clients.

What others have to say: Despite a long history, forum comments commenced in only 2012. All of those are positive. They say Monte is great to work with. Reports are “straightforward.” Another shopper said there was a lot of narrative for a phone shop. That same shopper is very enthusiastic about the owner and assignments, said the pay was fair for the work, and will definitely take more shops from Verify. Payment is quick, ranging from a week to four weeks. Comments that support this company are from forum members of long standing that have posted numerous credible comments. The BBB has accredited Verify since 2010 and rates it A+.

Personal Experience: I signed up and did so quickly with the typical Prophet process. An immediate response said they would be in touch. A few hours later my application was approved. When I accessed the Prophet job board I noticed a shop in Texas.

Overall: This is a small company specializing in the healthcare and hospitality industries. The BBB accreditation, MSPA membership, history on Twitter by the company president all indicate the company is authentic, stable, and long lasting. Favorable comments on the forum are made by credible sources. In conclusion, despite the limited information on the forum, I think it is safe to say this is a viable, credible company that deserves serious consideration if jobs come your way.

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