Aaron Murdoch

Work from Home as a Mystery Shopper

The mystery shopping industry is flooded with companies that require their shoppers to conduct assignments away from home, in the field. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way for mystery shoppers to complete jobs from the comfort of their own home? Well, there are certainly options for those wishing they could perform assignments if they don’t have the option of completing in-person shops in their community. Let me explain.


ARC Consulting, LLC is currently offering work from home opportunities for those interested in becoming a telephone mystery shopper. According to their website, “ARC Consulting, LLC is growing, and we are always in need of exceptional people to represent our company. We are looking for versatile individuals with an excellent telephone presence, keenly developed listening skills, strong attention to detail, excellent writing skills, objectivity and a desire to provide a great service to our clients.”


For those who can effectively work as a telephone mystery shopper, ARC Consulting may offer you a promotional opportunity to work as a telephone call auditor which will result in an increase in both hours and pay. A bonus for the company is if mystery shoppers can speak more than one language. The website states that they hire telephone mystery shoppers from all over the world and are currently looking for shoppers who speak Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and Japanese, just to name a few. To sign up for this company, click here.

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