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Event Mystery Shopping (Sporting Events, Concerts, Plays)

Overview: Do you like attending sporting events? Going to concerts or theater productions? Checking out tradeshows? You can do all this and get some well-earned entertainment while mystery shopping!

Venue assignments can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to get free tickets to an event. But they do require some work. However, there are feasible ways to get it all done and still enjoy the event.

Project Variations: Typical venue assignments involve multiple interactions with staff working in the facility in which an event is held. This can include: Will Call, Ticket Sales, Ticket Taker, Usher, Food & Merchandise Concessions, Parking, Roaming Vendors, Guest Services, Security, and more.

Visit & Reporting Requirements: On-site visit time usually takes about 3 hours, which includes the length of the event and arriving early to complete some of the interactions. Reporting can run around 45 minutes to an hour due to the heavy narrative required. Some MSCs require pictures of all products, or at a minimum the packaging for the products, that were purchased during the event.

Strategies: Arrive early at the event to get as many interactions out of the way as possible. You can complete the majority of the interactions before the event starts. Be sure to note names and descriptions of the employees, as well as the time and the location in the facility where you interacted with them. Include any wait times if lines were involved, such as concessions or ticket sales.

Be prepared to describe how the employee interacted with you in detail in your report narrative later. Things to include in your write-up about the employee include quotes, knowledge and attitude, and how the employee demonstrated hospitality. It’s a lot of information to provide for a very brief encounter with someone, so thorough notes are critical.

It can be very helpful to have a partner accompany you to the event to help with keeping track of all the many interactions.

You may have to miss a small portion of the event while checking out required areas in the facility. It is also easier to visit concessions after intermissions because the lines are shorter. Be sure to save all receipts if your assignment is offering reimbursements for expenses. Have an ample supply of cash on hand if you are required to make multiple purchases, as food and merchandise at event venues is far from cheap.

Shoppers with mobility issues might want to reconsider applying for one of these assignments. A lot of walking and standing is involved. Many interactions are widely spaced throughout a venue. Add in the crowds to contend with, and it can be challenging at times for anyone.

What Others Have to Say: Discussions on www.mysteryshopforum.com regarding venue assignments is somewhat sparse. However, forum members have stated that although these require “a lot of stamina and work”, they feel it is worth it to receive tickets to fun and enjoyable events.

Estimated Pay: Many times pay is nominal, if at all. However, less popular events can be bonused to entice shoppers to fill assignments. Some assignments provide the shopper with a certain amount to spend on specific product and merchandise purchases. The true value is the reiumbursement for free tickets and parking to the event itself. Depending on the event, this can be worth several hundred dollars.

MSCs: Among the mystery shopping companies that evaluate event venues are Service Scouts, Coyle Hospitality, and Intellishop.

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