Retail Video Shops

Overview: Video retail shops are one of the newer areas of mystery shopping and it is a growth area. Retailers are beginning to see the advantage of having the full experience of interacting with one of their associates, from the customer’s point of view, completely unedited.

Project variations: As this is a new area for video, it’s hard to see what all the possible variations could be.

Visit and reporting requirements: Most of my visits were in the 5-10 minute range, as indicated by the scheduler. The report was a very simple 2 pager, mostly yes and no questions with a short narrative to summarize the visit at the end.
Strategies: I just completed my first video retail shops within the past 60 days. I was offered a route of the shops. As I had never done them before, I was about to violate one of my cardinal rules [and probably a cardinal rule for most route shoppers] which is to never do more than one of a new shop on a route. I spoke with the scheduler to get the details, and accepted the entire roster of shops. The scheduler assured me the shops wouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes, maybe an occasional one at 30 minutes.

I figured 20 minutes per shop. The longest ran 15 minutes and most were in the five minute range. These particular shops I was just to be interested in a rent to own package.

Special note: As this is a relatively new area of mystery shopping, it’s probably fair to say that rates will vary for similar assignments until the market develops to the point that rates will fall into accepted ranges. At the same time, it will be interesting to see how things develop in this sector…such as purchase/return videos.
What others have to say: There have been no substantive discussions of video retail shops at www.mysteryshopforum.com because this is such a new area of video shopping.

Estimated pay: $40 and up, plus travel bonuses.

MSCs: The Shadow Agency, Business Observations.

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