Clear Evaluations

Company Overview:  In 2004, with already more than 15 years combined experience in the video mystery shopping industry, Wesley and Leslie Jeter made a decision to bring their passion for exceptional customer service to business professionals nationwide with the founding of Clear Evaluations. Based in Houston, Texas, Clear Evaluations is a full-service secret shopping company specializing in video mystery shops and providing a variety of shopping programs designed to measure customer experience and enhance employee performance.

Clear Evaluations is an MSC that primarily specializes in video shops. They do have some written shops but probably in excess of 95% of their shops are video.

They use the Sassie system for registration at http://www.clearevaluations.com/ although jobs are usually issued by e-mail.

Personal Experience: I have yet to do any shops for this MSC, although looking over their client list, I will hopefully be receiving some shop offers.

What Others Have to Say: Shoppers at www.mysteryshopforum.com have almost universal praise for Clear Evaluations. The most negative comment I could find was, “And although they use Sassie to sign up and may use it for reporting, they do not use the job board. You have to find their shops through schedulers.” As virtually all of Clear Evaluations staff has been a video shopper themselves, they are in a unique position to empathize with the shopper on those days Murphy strikes. I believe this comment reflects the general feeling of shoppers who are working with this company, “They are a delight to work with…I will walk an extra mile to do their video assignments! Everyone on their team is a highly experienced shopper, so you are dealing with folks who will empathize with you on those days when everything goes wrong!” This is not faint praise. I’ve had experience with MSC’s that decide to venture into video and leave the shopper to sink or swim. You won’t find that here. You’ll have the support when you need it most.

Overall: While Clear Evaluations is primarily video shop oriented, they do have some traditional shops. Based on the comments on the forum, this is a company that should be on every shopper’s “A” list. You have a company where most, if not all, the employees understand the things that can go wrong with shops, and when that happens they empathize with the shopper, rather than criticize.

The track record of this MSC is golden and I’ve about exhausted my available superlatives without resorting to a trip to the thesaurus.

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