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Overview: About Face Mystery Shopping Company was created about 18 years ago by Founder and CEO Paige Hall,  in Granville, Georgia.  Previously, she was known for developing a famous Deli Meat and Cheese Purveyor’s first mystery shopping program.

She has received 39 industry awards and numerous “Mystery Shopping Leader Industry Awards” for the past 5 years. Her business model states: “We provide obsessive care everyday.” From humble beginnings to top tier customers experience research firm, About Face has grown by leaps and bounds.

Mission: About Face has one mission, “Improve the business of our clients in specific, profound and measurable ways.”

Currently, About Face has 210,000 Mystery Shoppers. Shoppers are known as “Mystery Shopping Suppliers.” About Face has shops in all 50 U.S. States, Canada and Latin America. Through key partnerships, coverage is also extended through Europe, Asia and Australia. About Face recruits shoppers through referrels, social media, forums and events.

Project Variations: Famous Big Box Store Shops, HVAC and Comfort Home System Shops, High End Skin Care and Makeup Shops, Storage Facilites Shops, Cell Phone Brand Shops, Vacuum Cleaner Shops, Do it Yourself Home Repair Shops, Cable Provider Shops, Call Polling, Text Analysis, Surveys, Wallet Share Programs, Service Recovery, Loss Prevention/Compliance Shops, Fitness Shops,  Market Research, Compliance Audits, Pricing Audits, Online/Web Shops, Phone Shops, Video Shops, Rewards Shops, Website Compliance Shops, Merchandising and Inventory Shops, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Restaurants Shops, Product Demonstrators Events, Survey Panelist/Bilingual. Field Researcher and Focus Groups.

Pay: About Face states they pay 15% more than industry standards. Their storage facilites shops pay between $12 and $17. I have mainly done their storage shops.

PayDay: Shops are paid 45 days after complete submission and/receipt review. They pay by Paypal only.

BBB: About Face has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

MSPA: About Face is a member of the MSPA.

Interesting Services: About Face offers the following:

“Secret Shopping On-Demand.”


“Customer Experience Profiles.”

What other shoppers have to say: I don’t get a lot of feedback on this company from other shoppers. I also don’t hear any complaints that I can recall. I enjoy working for About Face and have always been paid in a timely and fair manner.


 About Face Corporation

Phone 877-770-8585



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  1. June Martin says:

    From this article, it sounds like About Face would be a very good company to do mystery shopping with.