ACE Mystery Shopping (Associate Consumer Evaluations)

Overview: Ace Mystery Shopping  began in 2001 with creators Julie Simbro and Tiffany Stewart. Julie and her husband recently purchased Ace shares and she now holds the title of President, CEO/COO. Ace works with many Fortune 500 companies and are well known in the industry. Ace is short for: Associate Consumer Evaluations. Ace has shops in all of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Project Variations: Employee Incentive Reward Program Shops, Competitor Shops, Customer Intercept/Exit Interviews, Phone Shops, Franchise License and Compliance, Employee Integrity Evaluations, Menu/Menuboard Audits, Drug Stores, Pharmacies, Financial (Bank, Loans, ATM) Shops, Fitness Clubs, Quick Serve Restaurants, Casual Dining Shops, Fine Dining Shops, Deli Shops, Vendor Services, Product Placement, Alcohol ID Verification, Apparel Shops, Accessories Shops, Auto Dealership Shops, RV Dealership Shops, Car Rental Shops, Oil Change Shops, Service Repair Shops, Retail Shops, Product/Promotional Knowledge Audits, Casino Gaming Shops, Food&Beverage Shops, Country Club Shops, Golf Course Shops, C-Store/Gas Station Shops. Community Center Shops, Parks and Recreation Shops, Grocery Store/Supermarket Shops, Home Improvement/Hardware Shops, Hotel Shops, Resort Shops, Insurance Agent Compliance Shops, Loss Prevention/Employee Theft Shops, Mall Shops/Shopping Center, Petroleum Audits, Telecommunication Shops/Recorded Calls, Tourism and Real Estate Shops.

Special Charity: Ace proudly veterans, being in a military family and are very involved in the Wounded Warrior Project. Please visit their website for more information.

Shopper Referral Program: Shoppers can get a fee for referring new shoppers to the company. Please visit the Ace website for more details. (Editor’s note: We do not participate in this program, and are not compensated for our reviews.)

My take on Ace: I highly recommend giving Ace a chance if you have not joined them. If you have been with Ace and did not enjoy the old payment system, I hope you give them another chance. They have many different kinds of shops. I intend to search for shops from now on and went into my profile tonight just to make sure I had everything up to date.

What shoppers have to say: I can say this for myself regarding PayQuicker, the previous method of payment. I did not enjoy it and stopped working for Ace. I figured if they ever changed it, I would come back to Ace. Then they had Dwolla and I was not part of that payment system either. Now they they have eliminated both and are resorting back to paper checks. I do have some MSCs that pay by paper check and it does not bother me. It’s like a surprise in the mail!  I think from what I have read over the years, there were quite a few shoppers that did not like PayQuicker payment system. I can’t recall much negative feedback about this company except for the payment system (at the time).

Preferred Shoppers: From the Ace site:

Q: Is there any way to become a “preferred” shopper?

A: Yes! Shoppers who are reliable, responsive to ACE office staff communications, and prove they have excellent writing skills will be given first choice on some of our elite client opportunities. Do not worry if you are new and have not contracted shops for us, as we try to give everyone a chance to complete shops.

Reporting: Ace uses ShopMetrics to report their shops.

Payrate: I did a uniform shop and was paid $10 and $10 reimbursement. Depending on the type and complexity of the shop, the pay can be much higher for Fine Dining shops and more detailed shops such as apartment shops.

Payday: I was paid in 30 days. I believe this is the average length of time for most shops. It appears paper checks are the current method of payment.


1125 W Simpson Drive Suite H, Warrensburg, Missouri, 64093.


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  1. Fred Silfen says:

    Pertaining to the direct deposit notification.
    Does having my bank account jointly with my wife?
    Be a problem for having the check sent directly to the bank.
    Also does it matter wheather it is a checking or a saving

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