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Company Overview: Founded in 1992 in Columbus, Ohio, Anonymous Insights prides itself on being a MSC that is 100% female owned and operated. The company on their website lists that they have clients in the following industries: retail, restaurant, grocery, gas stations, convenience stores, mass merchandisers, banking, automotive, lodging, and airports. As I was finishing this review, I checked the company’s job board and saw only Ohio and Virginia listed, with one client in each state. Their website is http://a-insights.com.

Personal Experience: I have had no offers from this MSC, but I have never seen my home state listed on their job board either. I would almost classify Anonymous Insights as a boutique MSC, as it appears that the company is limiting their client list as well as the area served.

What Others Have to Say: I could only find one discussion on A.I. at www.mysteryshopforum.com, and that centered on trying to find locations where the company had shops. That conversation dated from 2011 and it appeared that A.I. only had shops in Ohio and Pennsylvania at that time.

Overall: There have been no complaints regarding payment problems by this MSC. Likewise, no problems regarding communication with this MSC have been reported.

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