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Ardent Services: Mystery Shopping Jobs (Full Review)

Company Overview: Ardent Services is a Mystery Shopping company that has been in business for over 20 years. They offer a wide assortment of assignments within the retail, restaurant, resort, hotel, car rental, airline and extended stay industries. An interesting fact about this company is that they serve over 1,500 eateries worldwide.


How to Sign Up and Get Assignments: Ardent Services are looking for new, top-notch mystery shoppers. According to their website they state, “We select shoppers who most closely match the customers those businesses are trying to attract. If you are an articulate, observant shopper, Ardent Services would like to talk to you about becoming a Mystery Shopper!” To sign up as a shopper, click here.


What Others Have to Say: There is a wealth of information about Ardent Services on the Mystery Shopper Forum, a place where fellow shoppers give shoutouts to their favorite companies. One shopper stated, “Ardent is definitely a great MSC to work with. Michelle is spectacular. I think she works 24/7. I work with some really good schedulers, but Michelle is THE MOST RESPONSIVE scheduler ever.”


Personal Experience: A lot of mystery shoppers are delighted to be working for Ardent Services according to all of the compliments other mystery shoppers have posted on the forum. Michelle is one of the favorite schedulers shoppers enjoy dealing with. The only issue that I see is that they are not officially listed on the MSPA website as a certified mystery shopping company.


Conclusion: Ardent Services is a veteran company who has operated in the mystery shopping industry for a long time. Due to the high amount of shoppers who give the company solid recommendations, I would sign up for this shop ASAP. That being said, I am surprised that they are not listed on the MSPA. If you have any questions or concerns about this company you can contact them at questions@ardentservices.net.


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  1. Sandy says:

    I have worked for Ardent Services for years and as far as I know they had only one client that they lost a few years ago and now have another client. In addition you need to be invited to go to a training in order to do the one shop they seem to do now. Perhaps all the other types of shops you mention are outside the US. Any of the info I have read on the forum about them only references the current and past one upscale fast food shop they seem to have in the states. Perhaps they have one more in certain areas.

  2. Kenny says:

    I agree with Sandy that #1 Ardent only represented 1-2 companies. The training was nice but unwarranted for a secret shopper. The amount of time spent to actually observe the line to see the ratio of whole beans for example by a customer is not significant. The product once layered and wrapped is no longer able to be differentiated.
    Anyway it took me a while to get things situated to get paid and then when they lost this pepper named client I was not paid for the last shop preformed there. Shame as I was looking forward to continued meals from them.

  3. Britt says:

    Curious how the shoppers are paid and selected. I think I have a scammer who is pretending to be Ardent.

    • Kenny says:

      That whole intro of all the business they served has to be bs that was copied and pasted probably by a scammer. They were only working with 2 companies at the most. Someone must be using their name for a scam

  4. Sandyf says:

    In response to Britt, It very well may be a scam if it does not fit what Kenny and I wrote about how they select shoppers. I believe if you are contacted by Ardent the contact would come from Michelle. I do not know if they work worldwide but she seems to be the scheduler for the US.

  5. Kawana says:

    I would like to know if this is real ,cause i recieve in assignment to do with yall.So please tell me this is real.thank you get back to me before i do my assignment please

    • Kenneth Haines says:

      I will repeat my thoughts and add that although I do not believe them to be operating still/again-be safe. If it is too good to be true-it really isn’t. If you have to put out cash-except for 10-20 bucks on food to be reimbursed-don’t buy in. There shops were always for a small meal and you had to attend a class to learn the flavor profiles and what to pay attention to during your shop. In reality if you pay for a burrito and they don’t reimburse you-oh well!!! What have you lost, not much. Other than that don’t shell out money-you won’t lose that way! Happy Holidays Everyone-this is a great secret shopper season but radar on and up because this is scam season as well!! Beware…Be safe!

    • Sandy says:

      This is an actual mystery shop company. I am shopping for them. They are quite wonderful and they pay me and reimburse me for every job I do. Whether the job Kwana is asking about is a real job I do not know. There is no information about the job posted. There are many scam sites. Kwana could be referencing a scam site. But if Kwana did get an assignment from the actual true site and not a scam site and does it according to the guidelines there should be no issues.

    • Kenneth Haines says:

      I am curious what types of shops you are doing for them. I enjoyed working for them

    • Sandy Forbis says:

      Where I live they have a burger shop now but in other parts of the country they may have something else.

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