DJC Mystery Shopping

Company Overview: Who was that masked man? The Lone Ranger fought outlaws but kept his identify secret behind his mask. DJC’s pays at a lightning fast pace, is cited for quick and responsive interactions, but does not freely disclose the location of their brick and mortar location. Searches for that home office or website with Google, MSPA, my personal shop paperwork, and several other online sources came up empty.

Discussion on the forums suggests the company’s origins are based some four to eight years ago in an undefined relationship with another company called HDE, or Hilli Dunlop Enterprises. Several shoppers confused about how DJC’s had their information posted with the opinion DJC’s acquired their information from HDE and expressed an uneasiness about that data transfer. In 2011, a forum user posted a link to DJC’s website that is currently invalid. DJC’s uses Sassie and Jobslinger.

New shoppers can sign up here [www.sassieshop.com]. Shoppers post it has a very small inventory of shops in the fast food or fast casual industry. Locations for the shops are reported in southern California. It pays by Paypal in a matter of days.

Personal Experience: I have performed two fast casual restaurant shops with DJC’s in 2009 and 2010. Payment was provided by Paypal six and five days after the shops. My notes state I learned of this company from Jobslinger and the application for my first shop was approved in about 15 minutes. I found the shops easy and the paperwork professionally prepared. Since then I have not seen any shops in my corner of the world.

What others have to say: There are a small number of posts about this company. Forum users discussing their relationship with DJC’s uniformly praise their experiences. Scheduler Jeff and this company in general are called one of the nicest to work with for speedy and agreeable responses to shoppers. Payments are received in the range of a few days to a week or two. The most recent post discussing their experience with DJC’s was in June, 2014.

Overall: Is this the mystery shopping equivalent of a garage business? You probably know the type. This is when a hairdresser or accountant starting out sets up shop in a basement or garage of their home to get things going. They can save on rent and utilities and don’t really need a store or office. Is it possible someone working at a larger MYSTERY SHOPPING COMPANY set up their own shop on the side by taking clients that larger company didn’t want for themselves? The use of Sassie and Jobslinger do give this company legitimacy. In addition, the limited but consistently positive feedback over several years about the company’s performance shows DJC’s is dedicated to satisfying their shoppers. They do this not only with probably the fastest payment schedule in the industry, but also quick and helpful interactions with shoppers. If I see more shops with this company I will be willing to perform them.

Still I still wonder.

Where is the Batcave?

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