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Feedback Plus

Company Overview: This mystery shopping company is well-established in our industry, having been in business longer than almost any other company that Mystery Shopper Magazine has reviewed yet. Its history in working successfully with Fortune 500 companies has captured the attention of several publications, including write-ups in the Wall Street Journal and Good Housekeeping, among others.

Feedback Plus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and it started operations in 1971. Their website features some of their clients, which come from such businesses as cosmetic boutiques, convenience stores, credit programs, public transport systems, fast food establishments, miscellaneous retail, and resorts.

It is easy to sign up for assignments with Feedback Plus. Visit their website at www.feedbackplus.com. Click on “Become A Shopper” at the top right of page. Then click on the link “Continue” at the bottom of the page. After agreeing to the company’s policies and shopper pledge, you will be taken to a brief application on their Prophet-based system.

Most opportunities are self-assigned when using the Feedback Plus job board. However, this MSC also currently utilizes a scheduling company, KSS, to recruit shoppers and to award assignments. In the past, available assignments were posted on the Mystery Shop Forum job board as well, but Feedback Plus hasn’t done so in over a year.

Payments are uploaded to PayPal on the 8th and 22nd each month. The exception to this is if those dates fall on a weekend, in which case the payments are made on the next day of the work week. Feedback Plus states that it is best for shoppers to estimate that they will receive payments two to three weeks after their report has been approved.

Feedback Plus is frequently included on listings of favorite MSCs on www.mysteryshopforum. As a matter of fact, the only major complaint shared by many of the forum members involved in discussions about this company had to do with the fact that this MSC does not have enough assignments. Some have speculated that there seems to be a fall-off in clients for Feedback Plus.

It says something about this MSC when shoppers have stated that they much preferred doing assignments handled by Feedback Plus for certain clients that have now migrated to another MSC.

Many forum members have expressed that they love working with this company. They state that Feedback Plus is good to work with and has flexible communicative schedulers.

Reports, for the most part, are easy with simple narratives. There is one client that expects more detail than some shoppers feel is necessary, requiring clarification requests from editors. Other than that, forum members find that reporting is quick and effortless.

Many have said that Feedback Plus is one of the fastest in making payment to shoppers. More than a few have posted that the pay is always timely and accurate. No issues of having to chase payment were reported.

Personal Experience: I have had nothing but good experiences with this mystery shopping company. On-site visits have been pleasant and enjoyable, with no onerous requirements. Pay is decent and in line with the work performed. Reporting is very easy and takes little time. I, like so many other shoppers, wish that Feedback Plus had many more assignment opportunities.

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  1. Timothy Perero says:

    I received a money order from feedback plus to be a mistery shopper and the money order was fake

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