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Harland Clarke: Mystery Shopping Jobs (Full Review)

Company Overview: Harland Clarke is a large research company with their corporate office in San Antonio, TX and has a regional office located in Atlanta, GA. In total, they have over 3600 employees with over 12,000 clients on their roster. Harland Clarke primarily handles mystery shopping jobs exclusively in the banking and financial industry.


How to Sign Up and Get Assignments: There is a ton of information on Harland Clarke’s website which makes it difficult to navigate through to find the mystery shopping section, but I’ve found it for you. So, if you want to sign up as a mystery shopper, click here. They also offer a handy feature with a link to their Mystery Shopping Handbook. Here you will find more specific information about the company and how they operate their business.


What Others Have to Say: The Kudos section in the Mystery Shop Forum is blowing up lately regarding the excellent schedulers, fast pay, and bonus incentives. One shopper said, “I’ve worked with both Brooke and Brian by phone and email. They have been very patient explaining the details for the shop and in answering my questions. I only have good things to say about Harland Clarke!” There have been other shoppers in the forum following up with similar responses.


Personal Experience: From what I have learned from the forum, Harland Clarke is a unique mystery shopping company. They only handle assignments for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions so the sign-up process is a little different from most of the others. I will say, that there are a lot of happy shoppers working for this company.


Conclusion: I would recommend that if you haven’t signed up with Harland Clarke yet, you should definitely give them a try. Many fellow mystery shoppers seem delighted to work for this company, so why not check them out for yourself? They may end up being one of your favorite mystery shops yet.

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  1. Flora Godsey says:

    I am interested in doing some mystery shopping for this company. I am new to the industry, and exploring possibilities.

    I have been mystery shopping for eight months now, and find it to be very interesting and challenging work.

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