In-Touch Insight Systems

Company Overview: The company formerly known as Service Intelligence is the name of both a larger company that offers a variety of data collection services and the mystery shopping arm of the Service Intelligence branch of that larger company. In 2011 Service Intelligence and In-Touch partnered and later merged the Service Intelligence shopper website into the In-Touch shopper website.

On the website for the larger company, the branch that includes mystery shopping is listed as Service Intelligence. However, when clicking on the shoppers link there one is taken to a site with the In-Touch name and is located here: [shop4.intouchshoppers.com]. This MSPA member company has offices in Ontario, Canada and South Carolina and serves a wide variety of clients in the two countries. The website is available in both English and French.

Shops can be self-assigned after passing a test for each client. Payments are made bi-weekly by direct deposit about four weeks after shop acceptance. The website uses a unique platform that offers more information than the norm including a client list and a release date for upcoming shops by client. It also alerts shoppers with a pop-up window to changes in shop instructions or questionnaires since the last time the shopper logged on.

Personal Experience: I have performed about 80 shops in English for Service Intelligence and In-touch. Many of those were a quick and easy convenience store shop. I find their instructions professionally written, the pay adequate for the work involved and the company responsive to emails. Shops go quickly from the board in my area and they pay quickly, sometimes faster than promised. I find the way the website lists jobs to be irksome. It will display only up to 100 shops for any client(s) in any state(s) and one of their clients has many more than 100 locations in one of my states. Therefore, when the shops for that client are released the board lists only the first 100 shops for that client in that state. It then becomes time-consuming to search for additional individual locations by city or address to see if they are still on the board.

However, the website also has a good deal of information to help shoppers navigate the site and mystery shopping in general. Editing is fair but sometimes asks for clarification several weeks after shop submission. Payments to my bank account are accompanied by an email announcing the details of the payment. Emails still use the name Service Intelligence or In-touch/Service Intelligence.

What others have to say: Discussions on the forum are positive. Shoppers like this quick-paying company with easy shops and responsive schedulers. There was some shopper confusion when the Service Intelligence website was merged into the In-Touch website.

Overall: Despite the name confusion resulting from the corporate structure, this is a small, well-liked, quick-paying mystery shopping company that has shops in the United States and Canada. The website has a unique platform that is helpful in unusual ways such as the client list and upcoming shops list. At least one of its shops is the much heralded but elusive quick-and-easy shop.

Your Comments:

  1. Linda Lockhart says:

    I am interested in being a phone mystery shopper!

  2. Vivian M Rossell says:

    hello Im a notary for the state of nebraska do i qualified for this kind of job……please let me know looking for part time work…thank you Vivian Rossell

  3. Janice Morgan says:

    I am very much interested in this position and would be an asset to your company. Can work morning noon or night full or part-time.