Jancyn Mystery Shopping

Overview: Jancyn Mystery Shopping Company (Jancyn Inc.) has been in business for 35 years, founded in 1980. Based in San Jose, California, this company has clients and shops located in all 50 states in the U.S. and Canada.

Shoppers are known as “Service Assessors” and are considered part of the “Customer Experience Program.” There are 80,000 shoppers with Janycn. You must be 18 and able to accept Paypal to become a shopper. Jancyn uses the Prophet System for reporting. Focus: Jancyn is “client focused” in the Customer Experience Research Business.

Jancyn Motto: “Insight from the Outside.”

Project Variations: Property Management Shops, Restaurant Shops, Alcohol/Tobacco Compliance /ID Shops, Modern Accessories Shops, Merger Performance Shops, Fair Housing and Compliance Shops, Intercept Surveys, Banks, Financial Institutions, Pita Shops, Apartment Shops, Merchandise Checks, Leasing Performance Shops, Internet Shops, Resident Retention Surveys, Prospect Experience Survey, Telephone Shops, Smart Shops and Smart Surveys, Market Research, Electronic Comment Cards, Web Surveys, QR Codes, Covert Video Shops, Sizing Audits, IVR Surveys (Interactive Voice Response Surveys) and Bench Mark Shops.

Payrates: The Sizing Audits pay $17-24. The Retail Purchase and Return shop pays $13 to $17 The Pita Shops pay $10-13. Higher End Restaurants pay more.

Payday: Shoppers are paid 5-6 weeks after a visit. They are paid through Paypal.

Member MSPA

BBB: Jancyn has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What other Shoppers have to say: I have not heard much in a negative way about Jaycyn. I do hear shoppers wondering a lot about the Sizing Audits (S.A.) and if they are difficult? I have not performed the Sizing Audits., so I don’t know their true difficulty  but I have done the Purchase and Return Shops. Once you have a done a few, they get faster and more familiar.



Phone: 800-339-2861

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