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Market Force

Company Overview: The biggest mystery shopping company in the world also has the largest mystery shopper network in the world. That results in an enormous amount of opinions and feedback about this MSC. Rarely are shoppers neutral about this company. The majority of shoppers are decidedly divided into two camps – those that love the MSC and those that hate it.

Market Force is without a doubt a huge presence in the mystery shopper industry, and has been around a long time. The company has been in operation since 1972. It is headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, but also has offices in New York, Georgia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Market Force states that they have 350 of the world’s leading brands as clients. The company has mystery shopping opportunities in fast food, casual dining, grocery, banking, alternative financial services, and much more.

Shoppers have the option of being paid either by check or direct deposit. Payment is made around mid-month for work completed the month prior. Shoppers opting for a check will receive payment about a week later.

To sign up with Market Force, visit this link. There is a 7 page application process. Once the application is approved, you will be receive a user ID and password enabling you to access their website.

Market Force does not use the standard software platforms such as Sassie for their website, but it is still functional and easy to navigate. However, the new job search feature that they recently rolled out has some major glitches that need to be resolved.

Shoppers can define the area in which they want to look for assignments by specifying city/state or by zip code. The size parameters can be set by inputting how many miles from those specifications you want to search, up to 200 miles.

Within those specifications, shoppers can choose which types of assignments they wish to look for, such as home improvement or fast food. Or you can look for all types at once.

The search parameters default to looking for assignments for a week at a time. To see more upcoming assignments, choose a longer span of time.

Shoppers have a lot to say about Market Force on www.mysteryshopforum.com. The advantages of working with Market Force are the wide availability of assignments to use to fill schedule gaps, the ability to self-assign and reschedule, easy reports, clear and understandable guidelines, and the multi-day window given for many assignments in which to complete the assignments.

The disadvantages of working with Market Force are that it is an impersonal business entity due to its size, many assignments have inadequate fees, there is little to no leeway given for errors made on assignments, and shoppers are contacted by overseas call centers offering ridiculously low bonuses on assignments.

One of the major complaints about this company is that Market Force frequently deactivates long-time shoppers without explanation, even when asked for one.

Currently, shoppers are very unhappy with the new search feature as they are getting incomplete and inconsistent results.

Personal Experience: I’ve completed hundreds of assignments for Market Force with only one or two issues that were resolved to my satisfaction. Most assignments are quick, easy, and straightforward.

This is a good MSC for those just getting started with mystery shopping as the job instructions are very clear and detailed and the reports don’t require much, if any, narrative. It’s a great way to learn the fundamentals before jumping in with other companies.

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