Company Overview: Founded in 2009, MarketStat has corporate leadership with more than 20 years of experience in the mystery shopping industry. Their main office is in Overland Park, KS and regional offices are located in Oregon and New Jersey. According to their website, they represent casinos and hotels, property management companies, airport concessions, and franchised restaurants.

Their website is: http://www.marketstatreporting.com and registration is fairly straightforward.

A recent look at all available jobs showed their clients are concentrated along the west coast and in the Midwest, with a few other shops scattered around the country.

What Others Have to Say: Early threads on www.mysteryshopforum.com showed a company that was struggling to pay shoppers. Shoppers were reporting not being paid. As time went by, the reports began to change to payments running late and with shoppers having to chase down their money, but getting paid. As of 2013, Marketstat apparently has a new schedule and payments are occurring on a regular basis, on the 15th of the second month following the shop.

Overall: I have a general philosophy of at least trying one shop when there’s a question of whether payment will happen, especially if it’s a place I would go to anyhow. I haven’t been able to shop with this company, but if they were to have a shop available in my area, I would be willing to give them a try, especially as they have several clients where I like to enjoy a meal.

Most of the early comments indicated that once MarketStat was notified of a problem with a payment the payment usually occurred within 24 hours or so, although there were a few reports that appeared to be exceptions. With the new year came a new payment schedule and, apparently, no need to continue chasing down your payments.

Your Comments:

  1. Elizabeth Criado says:

    I have sent emails and tried calling and leaving voicemails. I have not received a response. My concern is that I registered to be a shopper. I completed the registration providing all the information necessary . The have my DOB; Physical description, etc.
    Update-while I was composing this I received a call from the company
    Hopefully things will get resolved!