Quality Assessments Mystery Shopping (QAMS)

Overview: Quality Assessments Mystery Shopping Company (QAMS) has been in business since 1984 and prides itself on a “consistent premier experience” for each of it’s clients.

They are MSPA Members and also WBENC Certified (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) for Women Owned Businesses. They have clients in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. They use the Shop Metrics Platform for reporting shops.

Project Variations: : Retail Shops, Restaurant Shops, Hotel Shops, Banking Shops, Mobile Exit Interviews, Phone Shops, Internal Audits, Sandwich Shops, Steak Burger Shops, Competitor Shops, Price Audits, Consumer Electronics Shops, Movie Theaters, Storage Shops, Entertainment Shops, Convenience Store Shops, Automotive Shops, BBQ Shops, Fast Casual Shops, Casual Dining Shops, Fine Dining Shops, Grocery Shops, Shopping Centers, Retail Shops, Call Center Shops, Health Care Shops and Health Club/Fitness Club Shops.

Motto: “Improve Customer Service. Every Customer. Everywhere. All the Time.”

Client Quote: “QAMS, your commitment to customer service is the best. There are many, many companies that could learn from you. If all service companies operated like you, doing business would be much easier.”

Payday: This company pays very fast. From 7-14 days. Comparable to Trendsource. Payable by paper checks only. They do not use Paypal.

Pay-rates: While the pay is low, it does come with generous reimbursements. Pay for the fast casual dining is $6 average with $12 reimbursement on food. It seems once again their pay-rates are similar to Trendsource, similar in the time they pay the shopper and nominal reimbursements.

What Shoppers have to say: I don’t see a tremendous amount of complaints but I do see shoppers say there are hardly any QAMS shops in their area and that the pay is lower than other companies. Another common complaint I see (as I am very active with this company) is the time for an Application to be accepted/or approved. This can range from 12 hours to 24-36 hours, waiting to see if you are accepted/or approved. I understand though because this company is high on quality and not just any shopper is chosen for the assignment.


10663 Loveland-Madeira Road
LoveLand, Ohio



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