Second-to-None Mystery Shopping

Overview: Second-to-None Mystery Shopping has been in business for over 25 years. Founded by Jeff Hall in 1989 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Second-to-None (STN) serves clients that have from 50 to 5,000 business locations (each), from across the United States and Canada. STN focuses on customer experience solutions, along with data and analytics with timely reporting

Assignments: Second-to-None performs: Travel Shops, Package Delivery Shops, Healthy Supermarket Shops, Coffee Shops, Sound System Shops, Sports Related Apparel Shops, Electronics Shops, Gas Stations, Postal Services Shops, Insurance Shops, Retail Shops, Restaurant Shops, Health Care Shops, Hospitality Shops, Education Mystery Shops, Government Industries Shops, Cable TV Shops, Big Box Store Shops, Gamer Store Shops, Banks, Donut Shops, Brand Compliance, Customer Feedback Programs, Voice of Customer Programs, Sales Operations Compliance Audits, Customer Feedback Surveys, Data Collection/Analytics, Social Media Shopping, Online Shops, Telephone Mystery Shops, Call Center Mystery Shops, In-Home Mystery Shopping, (residential services) Video Mystery Shopping, CMS Compliance Shops (Medicare Shops) TTY and TTD (hearing/speech impaired shops-compliance with CMS-Medicare Advantage Plans).

Interesting Facts: Second-to-None (STN) uses the CATAPULT Reporting Console to report their shops. Shoppers are continually rated and ranked, with STN monitoring their shop scores and looking for variances with “concerning” consistency of “all positive or all negative” reports.

They use 2 different quality assurance associates to grade each shop report. In addition, STN has 65 associates who make sure the business runs smoothly and keeps the STN clients happy.

Oftentimes, certification tests and quizzes are required of shoppers, to make sure they understand the shops they are about to perform. These tests are relatively easy and it helps to study beforehand.

Extra Fun Facts: Jeff Hall Founder and CEO serves on the board of directors for the MSPA. Interestingly, Jeff Hall is one of the few top companies deserving of the MSPA Hall of Fame Award.

In addition, STN is also a Founding Member of the Internation Mystery Shopping Alliance (IMSA).

Amazingly STN has 350,000 Mystery Shoppers!

Internal Facts: STN’s Top 5 Clients operate: 21,850 locations, employ 610,000 employees and have over $137 Billion Dollars in annual sales.

What others have to say: I would have to say, without a doubt, that STN is many shoppers’ favorite mystery shopping company. I have not heard of any negative remarks or comments about this company. The treatment is good and the compensation is fair. There are bonuses available at certain times of the month.

Estimated Pay: Some of the shops pay a flat fee, like the donut shop. One fee covers your visit fee and your donut/beverage costs. The average fee for performing a shop is $10. Reimbursements are up to $5. There are higher paying shops such as the Medicare Shops and Retail shops.

To Contact:

Second-to-None Mystery Shopping Company


Second To None

303 Detroit Street, Suite 1

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104


Member MSPA












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