Service Sleuth (HS Brands)

Overview: Service Sleuth (HS Brands) was created by Tom Mills (CEO) in 2005, when he bought out a former partner and created HS Brands, along with Mike Mershimer (Pres./COO). HS Brands consists of Service Sleuth (Mystery Shopping) and Mershimer Group (Loss Prevention.)

HS Brands is one of the few mystery shopping companies licensed to perform mystery shopping in Nevada. In Nevada, it is required by law that the mystery shopping company holds a P.I. license to provide mystery shopping. All shoppers are employees and operate under that license.  HS Brands developed mystery shopping in Nevada called “HS Brands-Nevada” Shoppers who entered their reports, would have to use this HSB-Nevada on Sassie Reporting System and regular shoppers would use “HS Brands.” Currently 50 casino properties all over the country use HS Brands for casino reporting.

Assignments: The full name is HS Brands International. HS Brands shops Indian Reservations, Tribal Indian Casinos, Footwear shops, Casual Dining Shops, Oil Change Shops, Retail Shops, Integrity Shops, Merchandising, Loss Prevention, Retail Operational Audits, Bar Shops, Bar Spotters, Brand Standard Audits and Automotive Centers. They also perform Vitamin Shops, Sandwich Shops, Steak Burger Shops, Yogurt Shops, and Movie Theatres.

Estimated Pay: Most shops average about $10 plus reimbursements. The Movie Theater assignments average $5 shoppers pay and $30 for reimbursements. Yogurt shops pay $10 shop pay and up to $10 reimbursement. Vitamin Shops pay $10 and reimbursement.

Payday: HS Brands seems to average 60-70 days to pay. I checked all my logs and it seems a little over 2 months to be paid. A little longer that most shoppers enjoy but the company is a great company to contract with.

What others have to say: I see a lot of positive posts about HS Brands/Service Sleuth. I think the one issue might be how long it takes to be paid, but with any company, those pay times can be improved on. This is a strong, solid company and I love their movie theater assignments, the amount of observations is far less than the other mystery shopping company with those assignments.


Address: HS Brands 500 Myles Standish Blvd, Taunton, Mass, 02780.

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