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Spies in Disguise

Company Overview: Here is yet another small mystery shopping company that is not well known. It hasn’t implemented much in the way of self-promotion, and even its website has very little information about their business and its operations. But it should not be overlooked by shoppers, especially those interested in what one Mystery Shop Forum member terms as “quality of life” assignments.

Spies In Disguise was established in 2001. It is headquartered in Three Rivers, Michigan. The business has an A+ BBB rating.

Spies In Disguise offers assignments involved in bar integrity reviews and restaurant assessments, but mostly focuses on entertainment venues such as amusement parks.

Visit their website at www.spiesindisguise.com to register with this MSC. Click on “Become A Spy” on the right side of the page. Then click on “Shoppers Apply Here” at the bottom of the page.

Spies In Disguise is not affiliated with some of the familiar software platforms such as Sassie, so the registration process is a bit different. Be prepared to spend some time on narratives during your signup session. You will be asked to describe a recent retail or dining experience as well as provide details about your mystery shopping experience.

Once you have finished the application, a confirmation message will appear that your application was submitted. You will not be given access to the site until and if shoppers are needed in your area. Shoppers will be notified when they are needed by Spies In Disguise to fill open assignments.

Although Spies In Disguise used to post opportunities on the Mystery Shop Forum website, they haven’t done so in about two years.

Payment is made via check or by PayPal. Checks are sent out mid month, following the month in which an assignment is completed. So if your shop was completed in May, a check will be sent out in mid June.

PayPal payments are made within 15 days of an assignment being completed.

Shoppers posting on www.mysteryshopforum have expressed their appreciation for the quick and timely payments, as well speedy reiumbursements. Many assignments require a significant upfront out-of-pocket expense. Some even require deposits for tickets to certain venues. However, this company has proven itself to be trustworthy, reliable, and fair in regards to these matters.

Shoppers have stated that the assignments are enjoyable and fun. The fees are low to non-existent, but the discount on amusement venues is found to be very worthwhile to some forum members.

Do not assume that these quality-of-life assignments will not require work on your part. Some of these require a full day of writing with lots of detail. If long narrative is not your forte, these assignments may not be for you.

The reporting forms themselves are tedious. Be sure to work on your narratives in a separate word processing program to ensure that they are not lost, and copy/paste into the report. The report has no save feature.

Summing it up, mystery shoppers have stated that this is a great company to work with that has responsive schedulers and fun assignments. Spies in Disguise is recommended to other shoppers by those posting on the forum.

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