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Trendsource: Mystery Shopping Jobs (Full Review)

Company Overview: TrendSource (The Source), formerly known as MSI Services Inc., is based out of San Diego, CA and was established in 1989. This company boasts having over 300,000 Independent Field Agents in their North American market in efforts to produce the most accurate feedback possible for their clients. The Source’s website states, “Whether you prefer to go undercover in an unrevealed mystery shop, make a restaurant worker’s day by rewarding them for a job well done, or display your professionalism with an OnSite Inspection, The Source has projects to fit everyone’s comfort zone.”

How to Sign Up and Get Assignments: The Source states that they have an easy four step process for recruiting new field agents (mystery shoppers) into their program:

  1. Search Projects
  2. Sign Up
  3. Execute Work
  4. Get Paid

The company mentions on their website that they pay their shoppers twice a month by either direct deposit or paper check. There is a short cartoon video on their mystery shopping homepage demonstrating the ease of signing up through their process to getting paid. The application to join can be found here.

What Others Have to Say: There has been some positive feedback on the discussion board regarding The Source’s flexibility, dependability and their willingness to handle problems quickly. The first shopper listed mentioned that The Source is their “go to” company for scheduling. All posts are from within the last year so they are recent and up-to-date.

Personal Experience: I have not worked for The Source due to the volume of mystery shop assignments that I am currently keeping up with. Judging on the feedback I’ve read and received, they appear to be a reputable and trustworthy mystery shopping company. The Source is listed on the MSPA website which is always a plus.

Conclusion: The Source handles more than just mystery shopping opportunities. The company lists on their website that they also offer shop-alongs, customer satisfaction surveys and merchandising audits. Looking at the fact that The Source has been in business for over 28 years, a member of the MSPA and its recent positive feedback, it appears to be a solid organization with a reputable name. It shows every indication that The Source is a veteran in the mystery shopping community providing an assortment of reliable assignments and service to their shoppers.

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  1. Juanita Adams says:

    I am interested in knowing what all you have to offer.

  2. Juanita Adams says:

    I have been doing mystery shopping for at least 5 years.I Have shopped for The Source. I liked doing different shops.

  3. Juanita Adams says:

    I found the Source to be a good company to work for.