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How Does an Extra $200 a Month Sound?

Supplementing incomes in addition to “regular” jobs can be accomplished in a variety of ways such as mystery shopping, delivering pizzas, cleaning houses, designing artwork, or any other kind of side hustle that one may be interested in doing. Along with mystery shopping, a money-making opportunity that we often hear about in the industry is the term “auditing.” But wait, what exactly does that really mean?


MCP, a mystery shopping company defines auditing as being, “asked to delve into more than just the setting, cleanliness and customer-employee interaction; you will be given a checklist, which will prompt you to evaluate and analyze everything from the appearance of the logo and marketing collateral within the store to the positioning, perception, and reputation of the brand out in the field to the employee interactions and knowledge to the basics of compliance rules and more…It simply means you will be asked to go above and beyond a typical mystery shop.”


Now that we understand why these kinds of assignments are paid a lot higher than most of the traditional mystery shops, it makes sense how someone can earn an extra $200 a month with auditing alone. In fact, I found an auditing opportunity that many of you may be interested in that offers no experience, fast payment, and a flexible schedule. These assignments pay anywhere from $85 to $110 each with additional opportunities to earn even more. You will never be required to work on the weekends and this company boasts that they offer unlimited support and immediate assistance. Click here to read more about this lucrative, bank account building opportunity.



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  1. Toniette Davis says:

    How do I apply

  2. Toniette Davis says:

    The article was insightful

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    Please Sign Me Up!

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    Good read, sign me up

  5. twostepps says:

    You guys have to understand that no one will hand you the keys without you going to the site and applying. What is it with people they think they are entitled. The universe does not care.

  6. Bob says:


    It sounds just wonderful.

    MY QUESTION: How does one actually get started & actually receive one’s first check?

    • Veronica says:

      Very interested in mystery shopping. So far I’m unable to enter a password to get more information.

  7. Kathleen Winberry says:

    This is a fantastic company to work with. Help and guidance all the way. Easy to get on touch with for questions.

  8. Raymond Guy says:

    How do I apply for mystery shopping with your company?

    Thank you
    Raymond guy