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5 App Based Mystery Shopping Companies

Written By Sandcastle808
To round out your shopping portfolio, it’s fun to shop for some companies that have apps.  I enjoy performing shops on the apps because they are usually pretty easy to enter.  I can sit down for coffee and whip out a few reports before even I get home.  I absolutely love not having to sit down at my computer to enter reports.  I can just kick my shoes off and watch Netflix!
I have personally worked with the first four apps, I just downloaded Gig Spot so I haven’t had any shops yet, but it does look promising
  1. Ipsos – You can search and apply for opportunities right from the app.  You can also enter your reports while you are still out in the field.  They have a variety of shops, electronics, cellphone shops, furniture stores, banks, just to name a few.  Their pay is on the low side, but the shops I have completed for them have been super quick and easy.  They do bonus shops quite a bit near their deadlines.
  1. Market Force – We all know this name, but did you know they have an app?  You can search for nearby jobs, self assign, and do your report all from your smartphone!  Depending on where you live there may be hundreds of shops near you.  They have cell phone shops, fast food, gas stations, hardware stores, airports, and so many more. These are great to fill out a route, because you add them on the fly! Market Force also tends to pay low, but they do also bonus their shops.  I have found their reports to be very easy, with little or no narrative.
  1. TrendSource – The TrendSource app is called MSI.Mobile.  You can search for shops and apply on the app.  They have on site inspections, pricing audits, health care audits, phone audits and other projects.  You can filter by any of these groups. I live in a remote area and see very few shops near me, but I put in my mom’s zip code and got hundreds of shops available.
  1. iSecretShop – iSecretShop is a software platform and a job board that offers shops from many different Mystery shop companies.  You have to sign an agreement with each of their companies individually to apply with them but it just takes a second.  Some of the companies they offer shops from are Jancyn, Goodwin Hospitality, Customer Prophet, BMA and Mystery Shoppers Inc.  They have entertainment shops, restaurants, cellphone shops, auto shops and so many more.  I have only worked with one of their companies, it paid very well and the report was super easy.
  1. GigSpot – I just downloaded this app and haven’t used it yet.  They have phone shops, big box shops, casual dining, waxing, auto sales and others. I had to do a simple test before I could apply for a phone shop, but it was super easy and I passed it first try.
In Closing: I have really enjoyed my experience with mystery shopping apps.  I like finishing up the shop before I get home.  You can also enter any of the shops on the websites if your phone dies and you can’t find your charger!

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