Aaron Murdoch

5 “Back to School” Mystery Shopping Companies

Children all over the country have just begun another school year and are back into the full swing of the “back to school” routine. The expenses for new clothes, shoes, and supplies is something every parent has encountered this time of year. Here are 5 mystery shopping companies that are hiring so that you can earn some extra money to help pay for these extra expenses.


Elite CX Solutions offers a variety of mystery shops like hidden video, audio recording, and website inquiries to offer the feedback needed to help improve their client’s businesses. To find out more about this company, click here to join.


Anonymous Insights is a member of the MSPA, OHLA, and CXPA – all very reputable industry organizations. They offer a variety of mystery shops, price checks, and in-store audits and are currently looking for reliable and detail orientated people to join their team. Click here to sign up today.


Business Evaluation Services specializes in mystery shopping for almost every industry you can think of. Some of the clients that they have served are Microsoft, Disney, Subway, Skechers, Pepsi, and Tommy Hilfiger. To sign up with this company, click here.


Dynamic Advantage began their trek in the mystery shopping industry in 1964 and haven’t looked back. The kinds of shops available are on-site evaluations, telephone evaluations, age verification, customer satisfaction surveys, and more. To learn more about Dynamic Advantage, click here and check them out.


Coast to Coast Scheduling Services is based out of Southern California and they began their mystery shopping company in 2001. Currently, they are hiring “honest, reliable, Independent Contractors wishing to experience great opportunities as a mystery shopper, including personal scheduler support.” To sign up with this company, click here.


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