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5 Companies Hiring Mystery Shoppers for the Summer

Parents everywhere have almost made it through another school year as we approach the summer break. This means that children everywhere will be enjoying their time off of school and we parents need to keep them productively occupied and mystery shopping is a great way to help pay for those extracurricular activities. Here are 5 companies to consider checking out:


  1. Coyle Hospitality Group provides exciting mystery shopping opportunities in the hotel, resort, restaurant, bar, cruise, and spa industries. Some of their clients include Embassy Suites, Wolfgang Puck, Food Network, Trump Hotel Collection, and Carnival Cruise Lines. To learn more, click here.


  1. Data Quest Ltd. is a full-fledged corporate investigation agency that specializes in “elite intelligence gathering, loss prevention & loss detection expertise to companies, attorneys, and individuals throughout the United States.” They are an active member of the MSPA and have been in business since 1981. If you would like to join this company, click here.


  1. Service Scouts are currently looking for mystery shoppers with a sharp eye for detail, high work ethic, effective communicators, and those who are responsible for carrying through on their commitments. To be notified of any new mystery shopping jobs that may occur, you can join their email list here.


  1. All-Star Customer Service has been featured on multiple media outlets especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for their strong attention to customer service. Some of the types of assignments offered include telephone, call center, apartments, food, restaurant, and Spanish mystery shops. Click here to find out more about All-Star Customer Service.


  1. Shared Insight is a California based mystery shopping company that states that utilize technology like no other in the industry. They are looking for shoppers who are honest, reliable, and responsible to “evaluate customer service and sales efforts for our clients.” To join, shoppers will need to complete a short questionnaire by clicking here.

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  1. Laura says:

    This is a duplicate email to one sent last week — WHY?

  2. Jerry Ann Thomas says:

    This is great I studied Hospitality and would love to work in the field.

  3. Lisa says:

    Mystery Shops in Canada please!