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5 Companies that Pay You to Make Phone Calls

Mystery shopping can have a lot of hidden costs. The biggest one can be wear and tear on your car. The cost of a car adds up: add together gas, plus ongoing maintenance, as well as the eventual replacement cost of a vehicle, and driving is not cheap.

That’s one reason to look for mystery shopping assignments you can do without getting in a car. Phone assignments are one of those options.

(If you do end up driving for mystery shopping, be sure to include the full cost of driving in your calculations. You can use this to your advantage. If you know the full cost of driving to a location, including the cost of time, you can quote a scheduler a fair price for your time. That way, you’ll be able to know how much to charge when you are offered a “bonus” for completing a distant shop.)

Shoppers View regularly has phone and website shops. According to one of their employee’s posts on Mystery Shop Forum: “Once you’re registered, you can search for phone and website shops on our Job Board by expanding your radius out to 999 miles, clicking ‘Additional Filters’, and selecting ‘Phone’ or ‘Website’ from the ‘Project type’ drop-down menu.” You can sign up for them here.

iSecretShop is an established company that provides a platform for other mystery shopping companies. Signing up for them will give most shoppers access to many shops, including phone shops.

MarketForce, one of the biggest mystery shopping companies, regularly offers phone shops. Like some other companies, finding phone shops can be a little tricky. You don’t need to be in the store’s region to get the shop, but you do need to search in the region of the store in order to find it on their website. Sign up with MarketForce here.

Call Center QA only does phone shops. They pay $5 per phone call, and pay within 7 days. You can sign up for them here.

Shoppers’ View is another company known to regularly offer phone shops. You can sign up for them here.

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  3. Thomas Last says:

    I’m curious. Please advised.

  4. tarno says:

    Can you conduct these phone calls only in the US or is it worldwide?,also can you do an article with the ultimate list of worldwide mystery shopping companies where you can conduct web based emails and phone jobs.

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  6. Marilyn Spalter says:

    Hi Jacob. I am a m/s with a number of companies. I read in your magazine about companies that pay you to make calls, so I signed up with Call Center CQ. I had a couple of questions and emailed them and called them. No reply to email. Only a taped message on phone. I then read several different comments about this company and they appear to be a scam giving personal info to companies and then receiving cold sales calls. I haven’t received an increase of cold calls, but then again, I have received some. Since you included this company in your magazine, do you know if they are legit? Thanks. Marilyn

    • Dee says:

      @Marilyn Spalter. Hello I did a few calls when I first started mystery shopping a couple months ago with Call Center QA. I was kind of skeptical about this company as well because they want you to give your correct information to the companies that you shop for and yes they will call you back trying to get you to buy their products. I liked that they pay you $5 per call and the pay was fast, but I did not like the fact that I had to give my real info only to have them keep calling me. Hope this helps!