Posted By Jacob Jans, Editor

5 Companies with Jobs for Mystery Shoppers

Here’s five mystery shopping companies with jobs for mystery shoppers.

If you want to have the most opportunities available to you, it is always good to sign up for more companies. Even if those companies don’t have assignments available,

Movie Measure – We should have included this in our previous list of companies that pay you to go to the movies, but here it is! This is a relatively newer company. They operate through app. You can take a look here. Even though the app description says it is only for people already registered, that is incorrect, at least according to my contact at the company.

Coyle Hospitality Group. This company is known for high-end and difficult assignments. However, if you like the idea of fine-dining and staying at hotels, they’re worth a look.

Sales Quality Group has a good reputation with mystery shoppers. Shoppers have especially good things to say about their scheduler, Suzette Drake. You can join them here.

Alta360 is another company with a good reputation. They are well established, with a wide variety of assignments. You can sign up for them here.

JMRidgway is an established company. However, there have been multiple reports of them sending incorrect payment amounts that required follow up by the mystery shopper. So, be sure to keep accurate payment records when working with them. You can sign up for them here.

Your Comments:

  1. Janice zavala says:

    I need jobs that are in Yuma, Arizona

  2. Darlene Sandmann says:

    I live in Akron Ohio close to shopping areas in Cuyahoga Falls,Stow and Tallmadge Ohio

  3. Darlene Sandmann says:

    I need a job starting the end of August leaving for vacation I love to shop and getting paid for it would be great

  4. Wilma says:

    Provide application, please.

  5. Addie Woodliff says:

    I would love to find a company that has jobs available in western and north western Arkansas.

  6. Alieda Key says:

    I would like help finding more mystery shopping jobs and merchandising jobs in OK and KS. I have find a few new companies to try from here . Thank you for that.

  7. Dana Snelson says:

    I would live to be a mystery shopper I’m in Victorville ca

  8. LEE BRYDON says:

    i would love to be a mystery shopper. i have done it before and i enjoyed it

  9. LEE BRYDON says:

    i would love to be a mystery shopper. i have done it before and i enjoyed it. if i said it before is because i love to shop

  10. Claire Hargis-Hattendorf says:

    Requesting shops in Merced, CA. Experienced. Also will do editing.

  11. Ronald McLillie says:

    Retired. Jobs in and around Memphis, TN.

  12. Ronald McLillie says:


  13. Patricia Townsend says:

    I am looking for jobs in the central Illinois area (near Peoria).

  14. andrew mobley says:

    please let me know of any companies looking for shoppers in the tampa bay area.

  15. Teri Spears says:


  16. leroy hock says:

    im in the albuquerque new mexico area would like to do mystery shopping

  17. Nancy Heilman says:

    Used to be a mystery shopper in Wyoming. Would like to do it again in Bismarck, North Dakota and after November 1 in Tempe, Arizona area.

  18. Sally Chandler says:

    I would like to be a mystery shopper.
    I live in Athens, Tn.

  19. Abdul Karimali says:

    Please help me and let me know how to start..

    Thank you,

    Abdul M Karimali

  20. Ann taylor says:

    Do you have jobs in Kansas