5 Great Mystery Shopping Companies for Mystery Shoppers

This week, we talk about some popular and some lesser known mystery shopping companies. A few of these companies you will recognize and a few you might not be signed up with yet. As we talked about before, sign up with as many MSC’s as you can! This will help you to have diversity with your companies, so you can have more assignments to pick and choose from.

If you are not already signed up with these companies, give them a try!


  1. SeeLevel HX Mystery Shopping Company (SL-HX)

This newly formed company is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the result of 3 merged companies; Mystery Researchers, Beyond Hello and Insula Research. Lisa Van Kesteren is the CEO of SeeLevel-HX. She initally founded Mystery Researchers in 2008. She was one of the founding members of the MSPA, which was created in 1997. She served as the Chairperson on the MSPA Professionalism and Ethics Committee and she was responsible for the original “Code of Ethics” for the mystery shopping industry.

SL-HX operates in all 50 states and Canada. This newly-branded human experience organization combined the expertise and execution of 3 leading business intelligence companies “Mystery Researchers, Beyond Hello and Insula Research” with a combined corporate experience of more than 40 years and 100 years combined human experience, this highly skilled team at SeeLevel-HX, is inspired to be bigger and better. . “We’re designed and structured to help the C-level make informed and impactful decisions.

SL-HX quote: “Lastly, “sea level” is the absolute base from which measurements are made with competitive intelligence.”

There are 650,000 mystery shoppers that work for this large blended company. Shoppers are called “HX Evaluators” SL-HX reports that 65% of their shoppers are female and 35% are male shoppers.

SL-HX reports that 250,000 mystery shops are reported each year. SL-HX says their shoppers are the best of the best!

SeeLevel-HX’s Company Motto: “Our name says it all. We develop programs to help you “see” at the “level” of your customers.

Interesting SL-HX Facts:

60% of Shoppers are 18-44 years old.

50% of Shoppers have an annual income of 60K

30% of Shoppers have no children.

Reporting Times: 97.8% shoppers report their shops within 24 hours. Most use their phone and tablets to report, while another percentage of shoppers use their desktops/laptops.

More colorful shopper facts:

70% of shoppers are Caucasian

11% are African American

8% are Hispanic

Another fact about SL-HX: This company is “woman-owned” and a proud member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

Favorite Quote: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. – John Quincy Adams.

Awards: “A 2016 Top Company for Mystery Shopping Award.”

Types of shops: Coffee/Tea Shops, QSR’s, Mall Shops, Upscale Cookware Shops, Luggage Shops, Retail Shops, Finance Shops, Travel Shops, Market Intelligece and Compliance, Full Field Audits, Automotive Sales and Service Shops, Real Estate/Housing Shops, Dining Shops, Technology Shops, Competitive Intelligence Shops, Customer Intercepts, Consumer Feedback and Employee Feedback.

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  1. GFK Research Mystery Shopping Company

Matthias Hartmann is the CEO of GFK and has been at the helm since 2011. Previously, he had a strong history with IBM. GFK has offices in Chicago, N.Y and N.J., as well as located all over the world, with a strong presence in Europe, Mexico, Africa, The Middle-East and Asia Pacific. For over 75 years GFK has been collecting data and information from consumers. GFK has a global presence in over 100 countries.

GFK Fast Fact: 44% of new car buyers consider a vehicle’s country of origin when making their car buying decision. 18% would not consider a car made in China.

GFK Mystery Traveler Survey (making travel more accessible to disabled travelers by having a great survey program) a first in the industry for Disabled Travelers.

Presitigious Award for GFK: From the Market Research Society (MRS) to drive innovation, inspire change and deliver results.

Diabetes: Diabetes Market Research Experience:  “Combining digital observation with traditional surveys, we reveal the purchase journey for people with this medical condition.”

Montoring of Social Media Sites: GFK monitors Social Media Sites to take action and encourage website visits.

Services/Shops: Insurance Services, In-Store Shelf Monitoring, Financial Research, Special Services Surveys, Total Store Reporting, (TSR) TV Audience Monitoring, Advertisements Studies, Product Retail Data Bases, Sales Territory Planning, Consumer Shopper Conversion, Retail and Real Estate Consulting, Regional Market Data, Real-Time Audience Feedback. Print Ad Monitoring, Market Experience Surveys, Hotel Shops, Guest Feedback Surveys, (GFK Echo Station for Real Time Feedback), Technology Shops (online and storefront) Purchase Monitoring, Social Media Observation, Luxury European Auto Research Shops, Brand Vivo Methodology (auto purchasing) Digital Marketing Intelligence, Travel and Hospitality, Media and Entertainment, Hotels, Guest Feedback, Automotive Research, Consumer Goods, Energy Awareness, Fashion Shops, Health Related Shops, Industrial, Public Services, Point of Sales Panels, Audience Tracking, Custom Research, Famous Sun Lotion Company, Digital Advertising Campaigns, Global Wind and Spirit Maker Surveys,  Popular  Social Media Site to track Media Devices and how they were used.  Web Monitoring, New Product Services Roll-out, User Experience Measurement Experience, Mapping and POS Panels.

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  1. Goodwin and Associates

Eric Goodwin is the Founder and President of Goodwin and Associates. He developed the company in 1999, in Concord, New Hampshire and for 17 years, Goodwin remains one of the most popular mystery shopping companies.

Eric was also a Planet Fitness owner. His sister companies are: Customer Prophet and Campus Feedback. Eric Goodwin is a member of the MSPA and was named Restauranteur of the Year by New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association and his restaurant/night club Brazo was voted “The Best Cool Night Out.” He also owns “Friendly Toast” in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Goodwin and Associates is a leading expert in the hospitality industry, offering management recruitment, professional mystery shopping and guest feedback surveys/exit interviews.

Nice shopper fact: “Clients notice our shopper professionalism, shopper experience, shopper integrity and reporting accuracy.”

Company Fact: “We are a Hospitality Services Company.”

Shopper Gold: “Many of our shoppers are MSPA Gold Certified.”

Types of shops: Mobile Field Audits, Airport Shops, Restaurant Shops, Famous Cheesecake Shops, Famous Hotel Chain, Multiple Clients Famous Bread Company Shops, BBQ Restaurant, Tavern/Bar Shops, Beer/Brewery Manfucturing Shops, Mexican Restaurant Shops, Wings Shops, Pub Shops, Italian Restaurant Shops, Bakery/Cafe Shops, Grill Shops, Hospitality Shops, Franchise Referrel, Executive Management and Recruiting, Training Implements, Staff Measurement, Bar Loss/Integrity, Quality Assurance, 3rd Party Feedback, Bar (pour counts, cash handling, bar operations) Shops, Exit Interviews, Field Audits, Franchise Compliance Shops, Parking Shops, Investment Shops, Multiple Restaurant Companies, Drive Thru Dining Shops, Surveys, Sandwich Shops, Pizza Shops, Gentlemen’s Bar Club, Fast Food Chicken Shops, Famous Donut Shops, Famous Burger Shops, Research Panels, MIT Feedback, Guest Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Surveys, and Internal Audits.

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  1. DSG Associates Mystery Shopping Company

DSG Associates is located in Van Nuys, California. DSG has over 300,000 mystery shoppers, many bi-lingual. They operate in the U.S. and Canada. In 1981 they began as a communications and consulting company, which was founded by Donna S. Guido. In 1983, DGG designed an employee motivation program based on the principles of Total Quality Management, which was used as a great mystery shopping monitor and starting point. They had a client with over 1,200 Taco Restaurants that were the first to use this unique employee incentive program.

DSG Operating Objective:

Work done right.

The first time.

On time.

On budget.

With a smile.

Services: Field Services, Manufacturers Audits, Onsite Mystery Shopping, Online Shops, Phone Shops, Hospitality Shops, Hotel Shops, Quick Serve Restaurant Shops, Surveys, POP Audits, Intercepts, Compliance Audits, Brand Audits, New Product Roll Outs, Sampling, Employee Incentive/Rewards Programs, Pick up/Delivery Shops, Midscale and Upscale Restaurant Shops, Pricing Studies, Intercept Exit Interviews, Specialty Audits, Retail Shops, Consumer Products Shops, Financial Services Shops, Real Estate Shops, Travel Shops, Department Store Shops, Specialty Shops, Service Stations, C-Stores, Grocery Shops, Big Box Stores, Rent to Own Shops, Cell Phone Store Shops, Banks, Home Mortgage, Auto and Home Insurance Shops, Clubs, Theaters, Parking Lot Shops, Parking Garage Shops, Luxury Retail Shops, Service Stations, Entertainment Shops, Automotive Sales and Service Shops.

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  1. Helion Market Research

This company was founded in 2009 by CEO Thomas Schimmel from Antwerp, Belgium. Thomas was previously employed for a number of years with Bare International as a Business Developer. (2004-2009). Helion has over 250,000 Evaluators (shoppers) in over 100 countries, including U.S, Russia, China, Turkey, Italy, Morroco, Spain and Portugal. The main corporate offices are located in Belgium.

Helion Consumer Fact: Most consumers do not expect a call back on a sale (cars for example) so we have the After Sales Experience Call Back Program.

Shops: Email Shops, Phone Shops, Web Shops, Integrity Shops, Pricing Audits, Mystery Phone Shops, Lead Generation Programs, Restaurant Shops, Retail Auditing, Hotel Shops, Travel Shops, Car Shops, Car Rental Shops,  Fine Dining Shops, Airline Shops, Global Hotel Chain Shops, Tour Operator Shops, Technology Shops, Health/Personal Care Shops, Fashion/Lifestyle Shops, Consumer Goods Shops, Merchandising Compliance Shops, Planogram POG Compliance, Validation Layout, POS Shops, Branding Signage Audits, OOS Audits, SKU Counts, Competitor Comparison Shops, Discount/Coupon Compliance Shops, After Sales Tracking and Service Solutions.

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In closing, there can be dry spells for all of us, where some of our favorite shops are not being worked through the company. This is why it’s a good idea to have other companies you can turn to. I can attest to the fact that some companies have “lean projects” right now and we need to add the “fat” back into our work day and our wallets!

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