Aaron Murdoch

5 Mystery Shopping Companies Guaranteed to Impress

Regardless if you are a rookie or a veteran mystery shopper, Mystery Shopper Magazine is dedicated to providing the latest information for those looking for new shopping opportunities. We’ve been digging around and our team has come up with 5 mystery shopping companies that are now hiring new shoppers, is no particular order.


Market Viewpoint offers their shoppers a monthly newsletter that will keep them abreast of all the latest news and education specific to the mystery shopping industry. If you would like to apply to this company and think you have what it takes to a high-quality shopper, click here.


Customer Perspectives has been in the mystery shopping business for over 25 years and are certainly no beginner when it comes to secret shopping. They are a proud member of the MSPA and are listed as a registered company on their website. Some of the industries represented are retail, restaurant, banks, and credit unions. To join this company, click here.


Intouch Insight represents some of the country’s top brands like Wawa, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Orange Theory Fitness, and A&W to name a few. This company allows shoppers a flexible schedule that will not interfere with your current job, family time, or any other personal commitments. Click here to check out this company today.


Informa Research Services is your “Financial Intelligence advantage,” according to their website. It appears that they offer IRS mystery shopping opportunities and suggests that all newcomers register on their shopper panel. To sign up with this company, click here to join.


Customer Service Solutions is located out of Charlotte, NC, and have focused much of their attention specifically on the Carolina’s along with other areas of the United States. Some of the available mystery shops are conducted by web, telephone, onsite, and email. If this sounds like the company for you, join here to begin the process today.

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  1. Carol J Villanova Dailey says:

    Thank you for this information.

  2. Bob says:

    Glad to hear about other mystery shop companies. I find some are great to work with and some no so good. Slow pay, poor sites etc