Aaron Murdoch

5 Mystery Shopping Companies That Will Knock Your Socks Off

I get it. We are all so busy and the thought of working even more to earn some extra money seems downright impossible. With our jobs, children, and day to day housework, how can anyone find the time to generate cash from a side hustle? Mystery shopping is the answer and here are 5 new companies that are hiring right now.


Kinesis offers a large variety of mystery shops to their shoppers. Some of the types of assignments they offer are, face-to-face, contact center, internal shops, mobile-based, life cycle, web-based and competitive shops. To enroll with Kinesis, click here to find out more about this company.


Service Connections prides themselves with employing a diverse population of mystery shoppers like chemists, engineers, retirees, school teachers, students, lawyers, business professionals, and stay at home parents. If you would like to join their team, click here to learn more.


Market Force Information represents some of the top brands in the world like Buffalo Wild Wings, Back Yard Burgers, and IKEA, across a multitude of industries. They are one of the top leaders in mystery shopping business and has a ton of shops to offer. To sign up with Market Force Information, click here.


Deloitte provides mystery shopping campaigns to some of the most sought-after brands along with Fortune 500 and, “more than 6,000 private and middle market companies,” according to their website. Their revenue in 2017 was over $18 million with increasing numbers for the past two years. Interested? Click here to check out Deloitte.


Perception Strategies is a healthcare mystery shopping company, “Evaluating the patient and health consumer experience from the outside looking in.” Sign up by clicking here to go undercover to find out how doctors, nurses, and administrative staff are really treating their patients.

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  1. Jamie Nicholas Aronetz says:

    I’ve tried however it does not pay enough yo replace what it costs.

  2. Ron Schalow says:

    I’ve visited the Deloitte site but I have not located any link for mystery shopping services there.

  3. Mary Ann Costello says:

    Looking for marketing companies that value us as stakeholders and are willing and able to compensate us to at least minimum wage equivalent.

  4. Janie says:

    Market force? Pfft pays cheap

  5. Tejas Jinturkar says:


    Do you have a list of US-based companies who perform shops in India. If yes, can you publish/share with me?


  6. Lara says:

    How about US based companies that mystery shop Mexico??
    Please publish 🙂