Aaron Murdoch

5 Hot Mystery Shopping Companies Hiring Right Now

It is the hottest season of the year, and it is important to take some time out for you and your family to relax and enjoy these “dog days” of summer. While you are at it, check out some of the latest companies who are looking for mystery shoppers to join their team. Here are 5 new mystery shopping companies who are looking to hire shoppers right now.

1. Six Star Solutions are currently recruiting mystery shoppers who are self-motivated, have excellent communication skills, and are able to use technology to complete their assignments. This company is a member of the MSPA and offers hotel stays, grocery, retail, and restaurant shops to their members. Click here to learn more about Six Star Solutions.

2. mVentrix has been in business for over 14 years and has evolved over time by embracing e-commerce with open arms. A few of their clients consist of Microsoft, Rosetta Stone, Comcast, SanDisk, and Canon. To learn about the job opportunities available with mVentrix, click here.

3. Quest for Best is a mystery shopping company based out of Memphis Tennessee who has clients all over the United States and Canada. Some of the mystery shopping opportunities consist of web-based, audio recorded, and hidden video assignments. To learn how to get paid to shop, click here for more information.

4. Second to None is one of the more well-known mystery shopping and compliance audit companies who are not only certified members of the MSPA but also with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They work with some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Find out more about this company and sign up to be a mystery shopper by clicking here.

5. North Fork Research are in search of “independent contractors” or mystery shoppers to accurately collect data for the clients they represent. If you are looking for a flexible work schedule, and enjoy getting paid to shop in some of your favorite retail stores, this company may be a good fit for you. Click here to learn more about North Fork Research.

Your Comments:

  1. Michael O'Brien says:

    Hi who does hotel shops for Microtel—Days inn hotels what is the name of mystery shopper Co?

    Mike O’Brien

  2. Grady Lynn Barganier says:

    I need something to make $500 a week by mystery shopping.

  3. Debbie Sue Chesmar says:

    I would love to be a mystery shopper. Ca. U give me some insight on how to become one.

    • Charoletta says:

      Depending on what kind of money your looking for and opportunities. I do apartments, and home building. The home builders pay $30 per site and apartments shops are $40 to $85 per apartments. Test are involve to get on home builders, but simple. And they pay thru pay pal. Hope this helps.

  4. Eliza Ann McNair says:

    Where are the Mystery shop companies that have shops for 65 and over? Plus, I don’t drive.

    • Carol Brandt says:

      You can make quite a bit with phone shops that you can do from your home, no driving. They don’t pay a lot, like maybe $4 to $5, but they’re usually easy to do. If you find one that has way too many narratives that makes it not worth the money, just drop the company.

    • Charoletta says:

      Primo Solutions does apartments for assisted living, and senior living. But there’s plenty mystery shops that accepts anyone as long as you can pass some of the test. Don’t let it scare you. There basic.

  5. Ted Cohen says:

    ok love fast food so what companies shop popeyes dunkin do nuts burger king wendys krispy kreme and on and on Open to all of them; Live in Myrtle beach sc

  6. Bonnie Budd says:

    Retired bored and interested

  7. Paulette doughty says:

    Avoid 360 altaresearch they have several schedulers who will lie to you and then to get rid of you and the complaint they dismiss you with no notification or notice . they do not care about the person that does the actual audit.

    • Jeanne Brewer says:

      Have worked for Ritter/Alta360 since 2006 performing both individual shops and extensive routes and have NEVER been lied to or had any problems. Paulette Doughty, When posting something like this, you might want to provide *facts* to substantiate your libelous claims.

  8. Shere' Kareem says:

    To the 65 year old inquiring about mystery shopping and not driving. The phone shops that was mentioned require.you to imput data into the survey on a computer. If you are comfortable using a computer you will be fine.