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7 Companies That Pay You to Make Phone Calls as a Mystery Shopper

According to Secret Shopper, a reputable mystery company, telephone answering skills are critical for businesses. The telephone is still the primary point of contact for many businesses that service their customers. The customer’s opinion may be created from that initial call. The call will leave some type of impression on the caller, whether it is positive or negative.

Companies hire mystery shopping companies because they want to be sure that initial contact will produce a positive long lasting interaction with a potential customer. The stakeholders are the people who answer the call. They should provide a professional, cordial, caring, and warm interaction with the caller.

With that being said, mystery shopping companies are looking for mystery shoppers to perform calls to various companies. The mystery shopper will be given the scenario to perform during the call. The duty of the mystery shopper is to perform the call in a covert fashion. They will be given a survey to fill out at the end of the call as if it was a visit mystery shop.

The main drawback to these types of calls is that some of them do not pay that much in compensation. Some calls pay as little as $2. However, if you get consistent calls the money does add up. The positive side is that these calls are done at home. I find that having an extra line or another number will allow you to have a number for call backs that will not compromise your personal line. (Editor’s note: Google Voice can also be very useful in this regard.)

If you think you would like mystery phone shops you can register with the comapanies listed below. The shop pay varies depending on the company and the type of assignment. Some of these companies pays within 7-10 days.

Call Center QA : Calls are assigned to shoppers on an as needed basis. As a mystery shopper you will interact with an agent at an assigned call center

ARC Consulting, according to ARC Consulting they will pay around $3-$12 after a phone call. This company will direct you to sign up on I Secret Shop ( website which has various companies that use their platform.

Primo Solutions LLC, this company offers at home mystery shop calls that deal with apartment inquiries and senior assisted and memory care shop inquires. They are highly recommended and they pay usually the next week following your phone call. Their phone shops pay a whopping $10 per call.

Best Mark, this company is a popular company among shoppers. It pays fast usually within 2 weeks.  They offer telephone shops to do at home on their platform. Again, if you are interested in a top rated company go online and sign up.

Cirrus Marketing, this highly ethical and professional company offers mystery shop phone calls almost daily. They specialize in all types of phone calls you can perform at home.

Perception Strategies: This mystery shopping company also offers telephone shops. These shops may not be needed all the time, but you can sign up to be on the list when they need shoppers. 

Intelichek, is a company that uses shoppers for conducting telephone calls. You are allowed to listen to a sample phone call on their website. cYou may apply if you think the company is a good fit for you.

–– Cheryl Darcel

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  1. Kenneth M Haines says:

    I have done them in the past usually to add to a check I am already getting from a different shop for that client, however sometimes the follow up etc becomes more to keep up with than a physical shop. If it pays $2 I expect it to take extremely little input-but that does not seem to get through!

  2. Cheryl Darcel says:

    You are absolutely right. Sometimes after you have done the shop you discover that it was not quite worth it. One of the downfalls. However, there are some good ones out there. You have to pick and choose. Sign up with as many companies as you can.

  3. Faye Colando says:

    When you click a link for most of these companies above, do NOT show you how to sign up to be a mystery shopper for them. Do you have any LINKS that will let you sign up directly as a mystery shopper for these companies?

    Please respond.

    • Cheryl Smith says:

      Hi Faye,
      Which ones are you having difficulty with.
      I’ll try to help.

    • Cheryl Smith says:

      Hi Faye,
      Let me know what companies you need help with.
      Which ones are you having difficulty with.
      I’ll try to help.

  4. BJ says:

    In the article Intellishop is spelled incorrectly… 2 l’s in the name. I’ve done lots of phone shops for them. Their reporting is not too demanding. However, I have noticed that their pay has been dropping for the same phone shope for the same companies. Unfortunate. At some point it’s just not worth the effort.

    • Cheryl Smith says:

      Hi BJ
      Thanks for reading my article. I did not mention Intellishop in this article.
      I mentioned InteliChek because they only offer phone shops.

  5. Brenda Roseboro says:

    I’ve done many for Cirrus and IntelliShop. For the ones that are $4- $5, I just do the ones that do not require a target or just to know if they called back but no narrative. Then they can be worth it.

  6. Terry Briggs says:

    I would like to know how I can sign up for the call from home mystery shops?

  7. Anita Engel says:

    Sounds good

  8. Sandra J Sheppard says:

    When I click on the link for Cirus, it does not work.

    Intelchek goes to a blank page.

    Please advise; thanks.

    • Cheryl Smith says:

      Hi Sandra,
      IntelChek has a page. Cirrus definitely works. I just filled out a shop report for them this evening. Maybe try a different browser.

  9. 5FAdSNtmilg says:

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