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9 of My Favorite Mystery Shopping Companies

The significant thing about mystery shopping is the opportunity to sign up with many companies. It gives you a chance to determine what various companies have to offer. It will allow you to make a determination as to what companies will become your favorite. You will become accustomed to the assignments that are a repeat. The assignments will become easier to do.

Some shoppers like going to the movies. Some shoppers like to perform retail shops. Some shoppers like fast food shops. There are thousands of shops in the mystery shopping field that are offered. I am going to share with you companies that offer certain types of mystery shops. Mystery shopping always provides you with an opportunity to decide which shops you like to do best. Some shoppers like going to the movies. Some shoppers like to perform retail shops. Some shoppers like fast food shops. There are a thousands of shops in the mystery shopping field that are offered. I am going to share with you companies that offer certain type of shops.

Maritz Research has been around since 1894. Maritz CX is one of the top mystery shopping companies in North America. The company explores, analyzes and collect data.  Mystery shoppers are a part of that process. Maritz has an account with Chevron, Shell and Exxon which are national brand gas companies. Maritz gasoline audit assignments are performed with these gasoline stations. These shops are called audits because you are actually evaluating or auditing a gas station for compliance. Any non-compliant issues must be recorded. These audits are big and are in all parts of the United States.

Most of these audits are revealed and you are required to show an authorization letter to the staff on duty. These particular shops require you to take photographs, so you must have a high resolution device to capture good photos. If the photos are not clear you will be required to retake the photo or your shop could be rejected. The unique thing about signing up for gasoline audits are that you have a flexible date range to perform the shop. If you are interested in these types of shops visit the Maritz website and sign up.

Trendsource, The Source Agent is another market research company that has come a long way. Trendsource was started in 1989 and have been instrumental in the mystery shopping industry. Trendsource offers assignments in onsite inspection. These inspections include, occupancy verification, I9 Employee verification, and property condition inspections. Trendsource requires all of their site inspectors to become certified. You will have to renew your certification on a yearly basis. There is no cost for the certification, however you will be charged a small fee for a background check. This is a reputable company. The best thing about these inspections is that the report can be done onsite as well. Their web address for this company is

Market Force Mystery Shopping completes over 100,000 mystery shops each month. This company is global with offices in Canada, United Kingdom, France and Spain. If you like to go to fast food restaurants and get paid to eat this company is for you. This company offers many, many fast food shops. One important thing to know is the company has two platforms. You will have to sign up with the mystery shopping platform for the regular mystery shops, you will also sign up under the Market Force Movie Studio & Theatre services to be able to perform those theatre shops. I will discuss these shops in the next section. You are able to self-assign the shops. This company will pay for the shop and allow a reimbursement for the fast food shop. You can sign up with this company here:

Market Force Movie Studio & Theatre Services, is committed to providing quality service. Their services provide theaters with important information their clients can use to better services, Theatre checks provide information dealing with promotional items, appearance and how a person is treated when the establishment is visited. This company offers assignments at movie theatres that include trailer checks, open checks, blind checks, on site evaluation, and setting up posters. The company also offers the ability to self-assign these shops. The website to sign up for these fun shops is

Ath Power is an elite company that prides themselves on mystery shopping. They make sure that they can take back information to their client so customer service is at an outstanding level. This year, 2019, Ath Power has been named among one of the top research companies. This company provides high paying bank assignments. Bank of America is one of their top clients. They offer assignments to open and close accounts as well as other assignments. Some of the Bank of America shops does not require you to be a customer. They offer mortgage lending assignments. All this assignment requires you to do is to set an appointment with a mortgage lender or inquire about an auto loan. You do not have to actually apply. These shops are easy and the surveys are easy. The purpose of these shops are because the client is interested in learning about the customer service of the appointment making process. They have auto lending inquiry shops and many others. There is a rotation for these shops, but they offer a lot of assignments. Some of their assignments pay as much as $200.  To get started visit their website here:

Ipsos is a company that has many tasks for mystery shoppers. Do you travel often? Ipsos has opportunities for shoppers to get paid while traveling.  This program is going on now. As with any mystery shopping company you visit their website and sign up for free. Ipsos has lots of shops at big city airports. I was told these shops are ongoing for the remainder of the year. Visit their website at

Intellishop is a company that has over 900,000 independent contractors.  Earn extra money with this reputable company. You are well compensated for your time. Are you a Jack In The Box lover? Well, this company runs a Jack in the Box program. It is going on right now. There is no rotation, you are allowed to do as many shops as you like. Intellishop is a great company to work for. Here’s the website:

Faith Perceptions is a division of Hendrickson Business Advisors. They have been in the mystery shopping arena since 2008. Their specialty is using what they call mystery shopping guest to go out and visit churches. The mystery guest must be extra observant and be prepared to stay the entire worship service. They depend on their mystery guest to observe and collect information and report back at the end of the shop. These shops pay $40, they are well worth it. Most services last about an hour. This company is definitely worth looking into. They are also a member of MSPA. Faith Perceptions can be found at

Alta 360 has been around since 1974.  It is a good company to work for. I have noticed they have been looking for a lot of shoppers for Citgo gas audits and storage shops. The storage shops are detailed which would require good writing skills because they like a lot of commentary. The shops are easy and pay pretty well. If you are interested in signing up by going to their website at to sign up.

These companies are some of my favorites check them out and read their background. Always keep checking the website. Some of these companies like Market Force do not send out any type of notifications to alert you of available shops. You have to remember to look on the website to visit their job listings to see what is available. Make extra money doing the things you already enjoy. Good Luck and Happy Shopping. – Cheryl

Your Comments:

  1. Kyle says:

    “Maritz Research has been around since 1894”? Proofread honey! There are several mystery shopping companies which outshine the ones you listed.

    • Cindy G says:

      Can u give me some Co. Names plz. I want to get started but don’t know too much about mystery shopping. I’m not scared just want to make sure I’m doing it right. U have any suggestions for me?

    • Posted By Jacob Jans, Editor says:

      Kyle –– The information is correct. They *have* been around since 1894!

    • AEvans says:

      Sure, the company was founded in 1894 but they were making watches. The marketing division wasn’t started until 1967. However, Maritz does not have 125 years of experience in the marketing and/or mystery shopping industry.

  2. Teri M Spears says:

    Feels great to be with most of these companies. You are just missing isecretshop 🙂

    • Gene Vi says:

      isecretshop is not mystery shopping company. That is a search platform..

    • Cheryl Darcel says:

      Teri I left I Secret Shop out because they use other companies for their platform. They do not specifically assign shops or pay you, but I love them. I have made of money and have been with them for 6 years.

  3. habrown says:

    Thanks very much for this article.

    I have to say ath Power Consulting does really great work paying shoppers the amount they pay and paying timely.

    Also, for the amount they pay, ath Power didn’t have me jumping through hoops and circles and down we go then up sideways crossover with one eye shut and the other eye closed to complete the shops they assigned to me.

    They gave me no hassle with reports and very little do-overs.

    It seems they respect me and my intelligence. Not because it’s me but because that’s who they are.

    Ipsos was also outstanding. They’re the only one I know who pays twice a month every month like clockwork.

    I found them consistent and also precise with accurate accounting and payments.

    The only issue I have with Ipsos is that about 2 months ago, all of a sudden they stopped assigning me shops.

    Soon, all the government shops, banking shops, gas station shops for which I applied suddenly dropped from the roster of available shops nationwide.

    Did they go out of business? Did they lose these shops, I wondered.

    When they didn’t reply to my messages about what might be going on, I started walking away from Ipsos. Which is how I found ath Power.

    I don’t know what happened. Someone suggested they might have blocked my email from certain types of shops. But I do not know.

    Thanks again for this article.

    • Cheryl Darcel says:

      Yes, it is funny. The companies provide good paying shops and then they cease. I believe the contract runs out, Then later they will start over, The only thing about ath Power is their rotation. I myself get very few of these shops, however when I am approved for one I grab it. They are very reliable and pay well.

    • Karla says:

      I live in Orlando and IPSOS has tons of shops in this area. They have their own shops and I noticed they numerous smaller companies under them. This may be where the issue is & for whatever reason the scheduler isn’t assigning you shops. I’ve actually been shifting more to IPSOS since their shops are generally easy, they pay fast and can be done via the app.

  4. Cheryl Darcel says:

    I make good money with I Secret shop. Their platform allows for various companies to offer pretty decent assignments in my region.

    • Cheryl Darcel says:

      Karla this is good to know so if I ever visit Orlando I will look up shops. I love Ipsos.

  5. Shirley Villanueva says:

    I’m with Regal Hospitality Group! They’re not bad, and their shops are fun. Sometimes it may take a while to get reimbursed but they always let you know if there’s any delay… I like them a lot.