Aaron Murdoch

A High-End Mystery Shop for $70

Over the past few months, I have been finding myself browsing some local jewelry stores in search of an expensive watch. As I am getting older, I have a much higher appreciation for “quality over quantity” and one day soon, I would really like to purchase a Rolex. Before I get judged prematurely, let me say that the model I’ve been looking at is modest, tasteful, and flies well under the radar as far as noticeability goes.


As I was scanning the pages of the Mystery Shop Forum, I came across a very interesting mystery shopping opportunity. If you enjoy shopping for expensive, high-end watches, this assignment will be of particular interest to you. The post states, “These are shops from a male perspective. I can use a female shopper, but they MUST shop with a male shopper of the required age. The report must be written from the male perspective. A female shopper cannot shop alone.”


There are multiple locations where these shops are available, and here are a few of the cities currently in need of shoppers, Pittsburgh, PA, Indianapolis, IN, Greenwich, CT, Andover, MA, and Schererville, IN. The needed ages of the male shoppers vary by location, so please ensure you contact the scheduler for information regarding this mystery shopping assignment. The base pay is $38, plus, an additional $32 bonus equaling a nice $70 total.


According to the article, shoppers will need to be able to, “Play the role of someone who can afford a very expensive watch. You also need to be able to take a couple of pictures.” To find out more about this high-end watch mystery shop, click here to see if this is the right fit for you.


Your Comments:

  1. Jacquelynne Jones says:

    Location not in my area. Would love to do this shop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  2. Barbara Herrington says:

    Not in my area.

  3. Aleta BAYSINGER says:

    Not in my area either.

  4. Valerie Cantu says:

    Not in my area

  5. David M. says:

    I would like to do a Mystery Shop for luxury watches in the Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland area.

  6. Antoinette Smit says:

    I live in henderson nevada not far from the strip. Is there an age limit? Do you have any restaurants?

  7. Carlene Denmark says:

    Please keep me informed if this assignment comes to Tampa,FL area.

  8. Bette Cohen says:

    I have done these shops in the Vail area before and would love to do them in Greater Denver if they are available. I am a former Jewelry Rep, Buyer and Store Manager. So I know my “High End Watches.”