Aaron Murdoch

A High Paying Bank Mystery Shopping Job

It appears that the folks over at KSS International are at it again, as they are currently recruiting mystery shoppers to perform assignments in the financial sector. These kind of shops are some of the best paying gigs around, and this one is certainly no different. Mystery Shoppers are needed to open up checking accounts at thousands of Wells Fargo locations across the nation.


In order to be considered for this position, mystery shoppers must not currently have a checking or savings account open or, must have had one closed for at least six months. According to this job posting on the Mystery Shopping Forum, it states they would like shoppers to, “Evaluate the process of opening an account with a min. $25 deposit at a bank you have not had a relationship with for at least six months. Once open, you are free to close it at any time, but the client prefers you keep it open for 1 week.”


The Wells Fargo banking assignment can be completed at any time during regular business hours, but shoppers are encouraged to double check as these hours may vary from branch to branch. Payments for this assignment begin at $60 and are offering an $8 bonus as a special “thank you” for the effort.


KSS International has been in the mystery shopping industry for over 20 years and operates out of their headquarters located in Boston, MA. It is a global company having a presence in Canada, France, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. An interesting part of this company is that they do not actually pay their mystery shoppers – their clients do. To learn more about this company, click here.

Your Comments:

  1. twostepps says:

    Does a Paypal account that you have direct deposits go into count?

    • Stephanie says:

      This is great pay for the time spent there and with the paperwork. I’d do as many as I could if allowed.

  2. threestepps says:

    Your definition of “high paying” is bordering on humorous.

    • Chris says:

      Banks are some of the highest paying shops. At least in my area. Especially compared to so many other shops. I have a cut off amount, any thing under that I just don’t except them. When your getting $2-$4.00 an hour by the time you start and finish the job!! No thank you! I never turn down a bank. The reports want in-depth information that can take a while. Although each time I write one I come up with something that makes the process more efficient!

  3. twostepps says:

    Compared to the industry norm it is high paying


    Is there any this kind of high paying assignments are available in Toronto, Ontario.


    is there any high paying mystery shopping assignments in toronto.

  6. Yvette R Nichols says:

    I am in Oklahoma City and I want to do shops..

  7. Adeanna Tazell says:

    I shop with informas, the pay between 50-300 dollars depending on the assignment…

  8. Buzz Bardsley says:

    I hate pay pal!

  9. Joe Smith says:

    High,paying, huh? This industry sucks. That’s why I did it for a couple of years and then gave up after I got involved with Uber and Lyft driving. The total of $60 plus is nothing for the amount of time it takes to do one of these. You people are nothing but rip offs of other people. You take and take and take and take and don’t give it back at all. You should be just discarded to the Wayside. I’m done with you.