Aaron Murdoch

A Pet Food Mystery Shop That Pays $50

Have you ever wondered how many domesticated pets there are living in the United States? According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the number of animals owned as pets is listed into the following categories:

20.3 million birds

94.2 million cats

89.7 million dogs

7.6 million horses

139 million freshwater fish

9.4 million reptiles


The pet industry is a mega, money-making enterprise as it was reported that Americans spent over $69 billion on their fur babies in 2017, according to the APPA. That number is projected to rise to an astronomical $72 billion at the conclusion of 2018. That is a whole lot of money dedicated to the well being of our beloved cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, or any other “non-human” living under our roof.


In 2017, the money that was spent on pet food alone accounted for over $29 billion of that $69 billion total. Today, there is a high paying pet mystery shop that is looking for shoppers to inquire about a food recommendation for their assigned pet. According to a posting on the Mystery Shop Forum, this assignment requires both an in-store visit along with a telephone shop component.


Shoppers will earn an impressive $50 for these “straightforward shops” and are encouraged to check this job out. These shops are currently available in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia. If this sounds like a shop that is of interest, you are urged to apply for this assignment on the mystery shopping company’s website. For more information, click here to learn more.


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  1. Howie Appel says:


  2. Audrey Lincer says:

    I love pets and mystery shopping- What a great opportunity! I live in Delray Beach, Florida, and do shops all over Palm Beach County. Please let me know if anything opens up in the Sunshine State! Thank you!

  3. Sue matter says:

    Would love to do shops involving pets

  4. Sue matter says:

    Would love to do shops involving pets. I live in PA

  5. Denise says:

    I have done them and would love to do more in Massachusetts.

  6. james pantuliano says:


  7. Carol Thomas says:

    Have worked mystery shopping on several occasions, have worked as ambassador for Iams and Blue Buffalo. Located in Ga.

  8. Lisa Camacho says:

    Would love to do pet shops in Louisiana.