Aaron Murdoch

“Work From Home” Mystery Shoppers Needed

Happy belated Fourth of July. Millions of Americans have just wrapped up celebrating one of the most important days of the year, Independence Day. This is a time where the people of the United States honor the signing of the Declaration of Independence that took place way back in the year 1776. According to The New American, “That Declaration from Great Britain and our emergence as a new sovereign nation, as we state in the pledge to our flag, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”


One of the great privileges of living in the United States is the opportunity to work hard and get rewarded for our efforts. Mystery Shopping is a terrific way to supplement one’s income and “get ahead” in our strong economic climate. Today, there is an exciting work from home mystery shopping opportunity that pays $15 for your time. The scheduling parameters of this assignment are that the shop must be completed between the hours of 9 am and 10 am, Monday through Friday only.


Mystery shoppers will be asked to download a brochure report during this one hour window and track the response times, track calls, and then follow up of the client. The assignment states it takes place in Pennsylvania, but it appears that this shop can be completed anywhere in the country since all communications transpire via the web and telephone. To find out more about this work from home mystery shopping opportunity, click here for all of the details.


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  1. Hannah Villarruz says:


    Do you know of any Remote Scheduler, Remote Editor, and new, Work at Home Mystery shops in the Mystery Shopping industry? I’d appreciate your response. Thanks.

  2. Han says:


    Do you know of any Remote Editor and Remote Scheduler job openings in the Mystery Shopping industry? Thanks.